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Zero waste, no plastic, more recyclables: Setting green goals with these Instagram influencers

  • Sustainable Living
Jun 21, 2019

Green activism with dollops of creative thinking, an urgent desire to reduce that carbon footprint, and live a meaningful life—these Instagrammars can influence you to do all that, and more


Have you ever thought about how much stuff you toss in the bin each day? Vegetable peels; that biscuit box; pencil shavings; juice straws; your sanitary-pad wrappers. That’s not even scraping the surface; there’s plenty more that makes its way into your trash each day. India generates close to 1.5 lakh metric tonnes of garbage each day, most of which goes into landfills. Not the prettiest picture, is it? And all of it impacts the environment—adding to pollution, releasing toxins in the air, slowly corroding neighbourhoods (those communal dump yards are an unmissable eyesore) and increasing your carbon footprint. The holy trinity of ‘Reduce Recycle Reuse’, as a springboard for green activism, is therefore extremely important, and an urgent necessity. From doing away with plastic to adopting the zero-waste life, there is a growing community of conscious consumers who are making the effort to be as eco-friendly as they can when it comes to their lifestyle.

We rounded up a list of eco-friendly Instagrammers who show you the ropes about converting to a greener life.

As endearingly clueless as Silverstone was as Cher Horowitz, she is anything but that when it comes to caring for the planet. Between her behind-the-scenes shots and selfies, this long-time vegan and co-founder of mykind Organics (a range of clean and healthy farm-to-bottle supplements) shares some practical tips and stats on why we should be staying away from plastic and how single-use disposables affect the environment.

Alicia Silverstone
Lauren Singer

When Laura Singer shared a video showing how she fit four years of trash into a single glass jar, it became quite the viral sensation and earned her the moniker of ‘mason jar girl’. The environmental studies graduate realised that she was preaching sustainability, but not actually living it. That’s when she took it upon herself to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle. Her Instagram handle highlights how zero-waste living is doable, economical, and easy. From compostable cosmetics packaging to making your own toothpaste, she has a solution for almost everything in your life! As CEO of Package Free, she offers ways and means to eliminate your dependency on plastic and help you reduce waste.

Bea Johnson is the zero-waste hero and author of the bestselling book, Zero Waste Home. She tackles zero waste in every aspect of home life—from using leftovers in smart ways to investing in quality reusables. She also sets #zerowastegoals, sharing pictures of how her family generates just a jar of trash in a whole year. Follow her for some serious motivation!

zero waste home
Zero waste collective

A blog, an online community and shop all rolled into one, the Zero Waste Collective gains your immediate attention with their gorgeous grid. And, of course, their tips and tricks on how to live a conscious, zero-waste lifestyle along with product recommendations. Follow them for some serious organisational inspiration!

Author of the book A Zero Waste LifeAnita Vandyke’s page is just that: snapshots of her life where she strives to align every aspect with being eco-friendly. Part lookbook, part DIY page, part tips and recommendations, her account has a little something for everyone—and it’s all good for the environment.

rocket science
Bree Irwin doesn’t mince words or use filters to make her point. Her grid is bold, upfront and shows you how to go zero waste and why you should do it, stat. Her posts highlight simple swaps for a more eco-friendly lifestyle as well as her 365-day zero-waste challenge. If you’re looking for how-tos and solutions, this is the handle to follow. And while you’re here, try out that challenge too!

Anne-Marie Bonneau is the woman behind the inspiring and informative handle @zerowastechef. The zero waste mantra extends to the kitchen, where she uses no processed foods and shares whole-food recipes and fermentation experiments. Stick around for the goregeous photography and her inspiring quotes that encourage you to look at life and consumer culture a little differently.

zero wastechef

In fact, we’ll leave you with one of her quotes: We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions doing it imperfectly! You can start by something as simple as bringing your own cloth bags to the grocery store. So why not give it a go?

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