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8 fascinating before-and-after bathroom renovations

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Oct 11, 2021
Bathroom interior with honeycomb shaped wall tiles & chic bathroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Ever followed those before-and-after design transformation accounts on social media? With the swipe of a finger, you discover a sad-looking room instantly glammed up into an über stylish space. While it would be a thrill to redesign a room at the snap of a finger, it’s not as simple and quick in real life


Of course, there is an ingenious solution such as the Beautiful Homes Service, which provides a fuss-free home renovation with a panel of seasoned expert designers and a project manager dedicated to your home. But, as a starting point, if you’re looking for inspiration or can’t figure out what exactly you’d want to do with the space, we’ve rounded up some stunning before-and-after bathroom transformations for a house renovation.

1. Bringing In A Home’s Tropical Surroundings – Bathroom Reno


This house based in Kozhikode, Kerala had lush tropical surroundings, which had been echoed in the décor through the home. Architects Arun Shekar Gowda and Mohammed Afnan (co-founders of Humming Tree) took over renovating an untouched bedroom in the home, which had this adjoining bathroom space.

Image courtesy, Humming Tree

At first glance, we can’t tell this is the same space that was earlier infested with mould, plants and water seepage. For easy maintenance in the long run, it’s wise to set aside a reasonable budget for waterproofing the entire bath space, making sure every leakage, crack and water line is fixed and secure. Subtle tricks such as using short brush strokes instead of a uniform paint finish adds character to the walls here. While the sink countertop is primarily clear, an elegant brass tray with a matching soap dispenser and ashtray adds a hint of glamour to the space. To freshen up any room, sprigs of herbs or fragrant leaves like eucalyptus will immediately do the trick.

2. Opening A Dingy Bathroom's Interior Design – Bathroom Renovations

In most modern Indian homes today, a spacious floor plan is a rarity—even more so in the bathroom designs for home. This compact bathroom’s interior design was starting to look quite dingy, desperately needing an uplifting makeover.

Image courtesy, Wee Spaces

A unique set of honeycomb-shaped jade tiles immediately livens up the room with it’s jewel-toned allure. The gilded mirror, light fixture and towel ring add to the glam factor of the space. To add a pop of colour, the fronts of the cabinets below the sink have been painted baby pink. It’s hard to believe this was once a cramp and dank bathroom interior design.

3. How To Create An Open Bathroom Design For The Home With Lots Of Storage – Bathroom Renovations

While not entirely dingy, this bathroom interior design could benefit from a makeover or renovation to brighten up the space. There’s also a lot of potential here for a generous amount of storage solutions.

Image courtesy, Wee Spaces

Et voila! We have a fresher, livelier bathroom renovation with a tasteful all-marble and brass-accented theme. A simple mirror spreading across the breadth of the wall is an easy and clever trick to add depth and give the illusion of a more open space. A set of drawers below the sink utilises the space that was left unused before, freeing up the countertop of any unnecessary knick-knacks and vanity products.

4. How To Create The Perfect Powder Room – Bathroom Renovations

Several bathroom designs for homes in India include a small space allotted for the domestic staff. However, if you don’t have full-time in-house help, this space may end up being redundant. And, even though it’s quite compact, it could also serve as the perfect area to create a powder room.

Swathed in white marble, this elegant powder room is a far cry from its original layout, and doesn’t even look so cramped and dingy any more. While it’s light colour palette brightens and opens up the room, the gold fittings, fixtures and accessories in the same finish across the room bring in a uniform dose of opulence in the space.

5. A Fresh Coat Of Paint And New Tiles Can Completely Change A Bathroom Without Altering Its Layout – Bathroom Renovations


While the layout wasn’t the problem with this powder room, it’s style definitely left a lot to be desired. Even though the space had a source of natural ventilation and sunlight and a reasonably utilitarian design, the quality and design of the materials used left it looking drab and uninviting.

Image courtesy, Wee Spaces

When renovating any room in the house, and trying to work within a budget, always take stock of what you can reuse or restore first. Not only will it save you the cost of buying something new, it’s also a wiser and more sustainable way of living in modern times. In this bathroom renovation for a home, the toilet pot, flush switch and sink have been given a generous scrub and retained, along with the original window frame. While a set of patterned cement tiles revamp the area around the toilet, the marble countertop has been built around the sink to conceal it under. For added storage, a set of open shelves below bring in added solutions for storage. Since this bathroom interior design is narrow in depth, the tap fitting on the countertop has been fitted on the side to avoid having a deeper console.

6. To Completely Change A Bathroom Interior Design, Choose A Completely Different Colour Paletee – Bathroom Renovations

This bathroom interior design is quite neat, airy and well-maintained as is. While a space may not scream for a makeover, there are times you might want to change up its look for something completely different.

Image courtesy, Sunita Yogesh Studio

Sticking to a similar light theme, this new all-white bathroom interior design makeover has made the room look like an entirely different space. A clever idea to take away from this bathroom renovation for a home is how there’s an element of contrast added to the entire room with matte black cabinetry under the sink’s countertop. To extend this look, the grouting on the floor also matches this noir design element, which will also help mask any colour changes due to dirt building up and ageing over time.

7. A Bathroom Design For A Home That Needs Ample Room For Storage – Bathroom Renovations

With just one narrow vanity cabinet in a corner and an open shelf under the sink that wasn’t quite functional to use, this bathroom needed more storage options. It also needed a new colour palette to bring a burst of life into the space. 

Image courtesy, Sunita Yogesh Studio

With a turquoise-tiled backsplash, this once-upon-a-time dull bathroom brings in an aqua-theme freshness to the space. To add to the openness in the room, lighter wood veneers have been used for the exteriors of the cabinetry.

8. How To Create A Stunning Before-And-After Transformation In Any Bathroom Interior Design – Bathroom Renovations

When wanting to transform a space completely—be it in desperate need of a makeover or not—look for key, eye-catching things you could change. It could be the entire colour palette, storage solutions, the materials used or even the layout of the room.

Image courtesy, Sunita Yogesh Studio

The right shade of paint can open up a room, or give it a certain mood you’re looking for. Materials that are high in quality will not only make the entire space look rich and luxurious, but also last longer. As a starting point, when wanting to completely change the look of your bathroom, pick a palette that’s different from what already exists in the room. From there on, choose fittings and accessories that pair well with it or work as elements that provide the boldness of colour blocking.

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