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Bohemian-themed shower curtains for a vibrant bathroom

  • Bathroom Design
Sep 17, 2021
Chic bathroom curtain design that blends with bathroom décor - Beautiful Homes

The idea of renovating a space is always exciting, but, in reality, the execution seems more cumbersome. For a hassle-free experience, you could rely on a nifty solution such as the the Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints for building your dream home or the perfect room in a fuss-free way.


However, sometimes, you may be looking for an even easier temporary solution to give your space a fresh new look. If you want to bring in a hint of colour in the bathroom, and play up its style for the summer, you could try working in a pair of bohemian-themed shower curtains in the bath space.


Even if it’s a big change from your personal style, a bohemian shower curtain is an accessory that’s simple to install and can be removed if you ever change your mind in the future. Here are some tips and ideas to try when choosing a bright and colourful shower curtain for your bathroom.

Bohemain Shower Curtains Are The Easiest Starting Point For A Bathroom Makeover
While larger fixed areas and accessories in the bathroom (such as the walls, flooring and fittings) require more invasive methods for a makeover or style refresh, accessories such as a shower curtain are easy to swap. Switching your usual bathroom curtains for an eclectic bohemian-printed one can immediately give the room a fresher look while adding in colour or texture.


Style Tip: Since these are temporary accessories—and you might change your mind for a newer design in the near future—don’t spurge on your shower curtains. Hunt for drapes that are affordable or on sale so you won’t feel too guilty when changing them the next season.

Beautiful bohemian bathroom shower curtain in turquoise colour for bathroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Lush Decor

Infuse more colour in your bathroom interior design with these bohemian bathroom curtains - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Amazon

Infuse More Colour In Your Bathroom Interior Design With Shower Curtains
If you’ve been a minimalist for most of your home’s décor and find yourself getting tired of an all-white or monochrome bathroom, a vibrant shower curtain can infuse some colour in the space. From bright multi-hues paisleys to neon tie-dye drapes, there’s a plethora of prints and shades to choose from.


Pro Tip: If you like the new daring look your bathroom curtains add to the room but aren’t sure if you’d like to see them every second of the day, fear not. When drawn open, the shower drapes will lend their charm to the toilet. Once pulled back to a corner, you won’t have to see the entirety of the print or melange of colours in the bathroom. You can have the best of both worlds! 

Caring For Your Shower Curtains
While you bathroom curtains are an easy way to add privacy while keeping the rest of the room neat and water-free, a few tricks for keeping them clean can go a long way. With regular use (or if you live in a humid city that’s prone to excess moisture), you may find a build up of mould or fungus between the curtain’s folds. You could unhook these drapes and rinse them in the washing machine with half a cup of baking soda added to your detergent during the wash cycle paired with half a cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle. Once clean, spritz the insides of the folds with a white vinegar and water solution every few days to avoid future build ups.

Clean your bathroom shower curtains & bathroom accessory regularly - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Lush Decor

Bathroom curtain with multiple colour palatte that matches your bathroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Amazon

Match Your Shower Curtains With The Rest Of Your Bathroom’s Interior Design

Looking for a starting point when choosing your shower curtains? Look no further than the rest of your bathroom’s décor. You could either pick your favourite element from the room’s aesthetic or choose a hue from the overarching colour palette. In this bathroom, the earthy tones on the wicker stool-cum-table are complemented in the multi-print bathroom curtains.


Style Hack: Love Indian prints but don’t know how to add them to the bathroom or shower area? Your bathroom drapes are the best place to start. Similar to how you pick your linens for the bedroom, you can look for shower curtains in your favourite prints or pattern to elevate your bathroom interior design.

A Bathroom Curtain Can Also Conceal Your Bathroom Supplies

Whether it’s the hoards of beauty supplies you’d prefer to keep stored away or the cleaning tools for the bathroom that aren’t adding any visual appeal to your décor—in the absence of bathroom cabinets, a shower curtain can create a space for storage. If you have a niche or unused corner in a wall, simple stack up a row of shelves and conceal it with a bathroom curtain. This will instantly create a DIY bathroom closet or storage solution, hiding away everything you’d prefer to keep private.

Use a corner in your bathroom to stack up your things & conceal with a shower curtain - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dunelm

Chic bathroom curtain design that blends with bathroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Amazon

A Shower Curtain Is The Go-to Bathroom Accessory For A Rental Home

The main caveat of a rental home is that you can barely make any structural changes in any room. Often, you have the make do with the interiors of the home you’ve chosen to rent, along with its original architectural designs. But, certain clever accessories can suffice for a wall or physical structure you may want to include in a room. In the living room, for example, for added privacy a room divider works as a quick solution for demarcating a space without physically building a wall. Similarly, in the bathroom area, if you’re looking to cordon off the shower section to avoid water splashes and spillage into the rest of the room, a shower curtain can quickly and easily be installed to do the trick.


Style Tip: When choosing a bathroom curtain, pick a colour that will blend in with the paint or tiles on your wall, or accessories around the space.

Create A Monochrome Palette With Your Shower Curtains

Since your shower curtains can even be used to dictate the theme of your entire bathroom, you can also use them to enhance the colour palette or aesthetic of the entire space. Taking its cue from blue and white Chinese porcelain, this bathroom creates a unique monochrome shower area with a stylish garden stool, complementing bath tub and similar-hued bathroom curtains. With the uniformity of two simple and bright shades, the entire room looks neat and tastefully tied together.

Create a unique monochrome shower area in your bathroom design with your bathroom curtains - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, House Method/ Unsplash

Pair your bohemian bathroom curtains with your bathroom tiles - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Artazum/ shutterstock

If There’s No Fixed Theme In The Bathroom, Pair Your Shower Curtains With Your Tiles

In a bathroom that doesn’t have a continuing theme or fixed aesthetic, use the bathroom tiles as your cue for finding the perfect bohemian shower curtains. Continuing the same family of colours and textures in the bathroom drapes will create a sense of uniformity and neatness in the space. This is a clever tip for small-space bathrooms, when you don’t want the area to look too cramped, busy or over cluttered.

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