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A stylish guestroom is an essential part of hospitality

  • Interior Design
Mar 15, 2023
Guest bedroom interior design ideas - Beautiful Homes

A quick-and-easy-to-steal guide to styling a bedroom for a special occasion

As a mother of a nine-year-old, my home is rarely devoid of a bunch of boys horsing around the place. That also means it is rarely as neat and tidy as I’d like it to be. I’ve always been a stickler when it comes to housekeeping, but over the years it’s been more and more difficult to maintain a tight grip on it. But that’s also meant that I’ve learned to adapt, to move things here and there and create a fresh ambience when the occasion calls for it. Especially during festival season, when I entertain—adults—I make it a point to spruce things up with what’s around the house, so it’s maximum results with minimum investment. Whether one lives in a house or a rented flat, it’s not always possible to buy new things to redecorate one’s home, and if you’re like me then having guests over means everything needs to be in its place. And that includes the guest bedrooms, which I will usually spruce up a little extra so that guests using the bathroom in there or wanting to have a bit of rest, will go into a nice space. There is always something nice about walking into a space which looks pretty and smells good and makes you almost too comfortable to not want to leave.


Here are a few things that always come in handy to change your space around:

1. Plants:

By adding tall indoor plants or a cluster of a few shorter ones of varied foliage  or colors instantly changes the feel of the room. Adding flowers and scented candles too.


2. Art and Photographs:

It could be paintings you have collected during your travels, or something you and your child put together, you can bring them in from other parts of your home and place it on the side boards of your bed or if u have space behind the headboard, always brings in an interesting element to the room.


3. Books:

Coffee table books are a favorite of mine. Even photo albums on your bed side table. Gives you a little something to do just to take your mind off.


4. Lighting:

Adding lamps in addition to the general lighting of the room adds warmth to the space. They needn’t be the same two lamps. They could be a floor lamp standing or on your bedside tables. Could even be D-I-Y pendant lamps on either side of the bed.

Wall art & nightstand for guest room décor - Beautiful Homes

The art on the wall is a nice way to offset the predominant green in the room, and adds some lovely brightness.

5. Mirrors, Vases or Odd Pieces of Furniture:

Mirrors are another favorite of mine . They could be floor standing or a few smaller ones as part of the décor . They make the room look bigger and sometimes brighter. Mirrors with brass frames are definitely something I would like to get. Using odd pieces of furniture from around the house like an arm chair, footstool, futon also is a way of creating extra seating and cozy nooks to laze around the room and make the room feel more complete.


6. Rugs:

You could use dhurries , carpets and persion rugs why not? To finally bring the whole room together.

For this story, I created a few ‘looks’ with what somethings old and somethings borrowed. If you’d like to steal a few of those ideas then here’s what I used: 

Modern guest bedroom ideas with red walls - Beautiful Homes

The strong wall colour is offset by a neutral bed and bedding.

1. Playing with Macrame:

I used different textures with the various patterns on the cushions, the throw and the rug. Against the maroon wall I’ve used neutral colours in shades of beige and white with hints of black. The thin waffle blanket in the same colour as the wall adds a pop of colour.

2. For the Monochromatic Look:

I had some old cushions which used to be in my living room. I paired various patterns all in shades of blue, along with a duvet cover with floral patterns to break the blue colour blocks. I also threw in some throws in the same color to add more layers. The metallic lamps add a nice touch.

Guest bedroom interior design ideas - Beautiful Homes

The use of flowers is a simple and intimate way to uplift a room.

Small guest bedroom ideas on a budget - Beautiful Homes

Large mirrors boost a room’s sense of space and light.

3. The Luxe Style:

May not always be practical for a place in the tropics. But if you are feeling a little bit indulgent then use a few silk cushions and blankets and layer them in different ways just the way it’s been done in the photographs. I used royal blue and hints of copper. If I had one then I’d have added a Persian rug to complete the look.

4. A La Tropics:

I paired tropical analogous colours to create a cheerful ambience and added a large painting that goes well with the whole theme. I picked a few palm leaves from the plants I have at home to bring some natural elements into the space. Remember that when you’re styling your home, let your personal aesthetic shine through. Don’t shy away from colours, and try out some D-I-Y for elements. Have fun with it. Happy styling!

Guest room interior design with attached balcony - Beautiful Homes

The sides of the bed are in focus here, with the simple tuck under the mattress creating a nice little detail.


Ria Verghese is a Kochi-based stylist.

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Ria Varghese sitting in her guest bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Guest stylist Ria Verghese.

Floor lamps in guest bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Accent pieces like vases and art create interesting focal points in the room.

Indoor plant décor for guest room - Beautiful Homes

Even while keeping the colour neutral, the cushions are all of different textures, making the setting far more interesting.

Wooden headboard & throw pillows for guest room - Beautiful Homes

Bedside lamps give the room some warmth and cosy but they don’t have to be identical.

Blue bed linen for guest bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Different shades of blue placed interestingly give this room an eclectic look.

Wooden side table for guest room décor - Beautiful Homes

Placing family photos and photo albums are a nice way to tell a story about the people living in the house.

Modern guest bedroom style with indoor plant - Beautiful Homes

If the weather permits then go luxe with a silk throw.

Modern guest  bedroom ideas with décor items - Beautiful Homes

Increase the points of interest on the bed by layering different thematic bed covers. Tuck the covers under the mattress and create a visual detail on the sides of the bed.

Green flower vase for guest room design - Beautiful Homes

Shades of green are in focus in this room, through the bed linen, the accessories and the plants.

Green bed linen & contrasting throw pillows for gest room design interior - Beautiful Homes

The rust coloured accents used in the room add another dimension to the natural tones, and act as a nice balance to the green.

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