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5 new bedroom colour designs that work for Indian homes

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Mar 06, 2017
Green bedroom walls for Indian homes - Beautiful Homes

Planning a bedroom makeover? Pick from our selection of top colours for the bedroom

One of the quickest ways to upgrade your bedroom design is to add a dash of colour. Work with a block of colour, or break it with a coloured wall dado, or simply use a colour combination of paint and wallpaper. Whether you want to make a statement or work with a fail-safe option, we have got you covered. These latest bedroom paint colours are visually appealing and practical. In addition, they are in line with Indian design sensibilities and work well with modern as well as traditional design styles.


Gone are the days when all Indian homes looked similar and had the same design aesthetic and colour palette. Presently, Indian homes are breaking stereotypes and are showcasing the latest bedroom wall colours. Therefore, when you are selecting your bedroom wall colours, do not restrict yourself. To provide you with some inspiration on which latest bedroom colour to choose, we have rounded up some examples of bedrooms that we love.

1. Midnight Blue

The bedroom design hat incorporates midnight blue as the main paint colour will be the most dramatic and attention-grabbing. As its name implies, midnight blue is a very dark shade of blue. As bold as black but much more versatile, it is one of the trending bedroom colours. The hue is a mix of grey, purple, black, and occasionally even a drop of teal. Like a deep baritone, midnight blue stands apart from the chaos, and holds your attention. The colour is named for its similarity to the very dark blue shade of a night sky around a full moon. Midnight blue helps create a sense of calmness and well being in bedrooms. Additionally, the hue conveys sophistication and elegance.

Grey bedroom color with bedside lamp - Beautiful Homes

Its association with royalty and formal occasions shows its connection with power and authority. Choose midnight blue if you’re looking for a bedroom that relaxes you and gives you confidence at the same time.


Midnight blue is a colour chameleon, changing shades in the light. It works like a charm in a man cave, picture this with leather trimmings, polished teakwood accessories and brass accents. Additionally, a midnight blue bedroom works well for various design aesthetics such as traditional and modern bedroom designs. Like other dark colours, midnight blue instantly makes a room more intimate and cosy, so it is a good choice for a bedroom. The hue is the best colour for bedroom walls as it mimics the night sky and creates a soothing cocoon for you to have a good night’s sleep.


We suggest the “Blooming Blue 9189” from Asian Paints as the perfect foil for that robust, masculine look.

Bedroom wall paint yellow with velvet headboard - Beautiful Homes

2. Taupe

This one has stayed on trend for years now. From the latest bedroom wall colours, taupe is the perfect option for those who find charcoal grey intimidating and white too boring. A mix of grey and brown, it is equal parts elegant and English. Taupe is a very refined and calming colour, it offers subtle strength and stability. A neutral hue, taupe matches a number of colours. Choosing taupe walls is a good idea if you like warm colours but don’t want the room to be too dark. Also, taupe offers a great colour palette for furniture and home décor pieces. Taupe soft furnishings such as bed linen and carpets are also aesthetically pleasing and do not overwhelm the senses.

From the list of trending bedroom paint colours 2022, taupe is the easiest to work with. This bedroom in particular features shades of taupe on the walls and bed linen, which complement the brown wooden flooring. Furthermore, the room is accessorised with taupe coloured vases and furnishings. White pieces are also added to the mix to give it a chic and sophisticated look. Go for a taupe bedroom if you’re looking for an unfussy space, which is still stylish and serene. You can always add pops of colour in a taupe bedroom as well.


So if you are looking for a stylish space to retire in, then the “Wild Mushroom 8472” by Asian Paints is the one for you.

3. Charcoal Grey

Not for the faint-hearted, this new bedroom colour design is the moodiest of them all. Charcoal grey works well in a modern, urban space. ​​It is a chic alternative to black, and a more arresting option as compared to lighter neutral colours. Charcoal grey is a timeless neutral hue that inspires open communication and a relaxed vibe. It is the latest bedroom colour that instantly adds a dramatic look to your bedroom. Being a neutral colour, charcoal grey is naturally calming and lulls you to sleep. Moreover, it complements a number of colours, and isn’t particularly masculine or feminine. Thus, a charcoal grey bedroom offers a lot of flexibility in interior design.

Bedroom wall color combination with floor lamp - Beautiful Homes

In addition, contrary to popular belief, dark hues such as charcoal grey also make a small room seem large as they can blur the edges of the room and actually make it appear bigger than it is.


To avoid a charcoal grey overload, offset it with pastel duvets or accents to add softness to the décor. To maintain a cool colour palette for your new bedroom colour combination, pick blues, purples, whites, and some greens. But you could also contrast the charcoal grey walls with warm colours such as pink, yellow, or orange. Charcoal grey bedrooms often lend themselves to very sleek, contemporary spaces. However, it's a bedroom wall paint colour that also works in more rustic, country-style homes as well. So opt for a charcoal grey palette if you want to add some drama and cosiness to your bedroom. For a cohesive and polished look, try a two colour combination for bedroom walls with the grey as the main shade and a complementary colour, like a warm beige or soft blue, as the accent.


We suggest you try “Watersone 9477” from Asian Paints for that perfect smoky grey look.

All-white bedroom with brick panelling - Beautiful Homes

4. White

Nothing is more soothing and serene than a white bedroom. A home with white bedroom wall colours never goes out of style. White bedrooms are a great example of a minimalist design aesthetic. It is the colour, which is most commonly used in home interiors, and for good reason. The colour white is associated with purity, balance and joy. According to studies, the colour white has a positive impact on your mood. Looking at a white wall is calming and relaxing.

White spaces are known to evoke feelings of restfulness, peace and harmony. It inspires the ​​​​emotions of encouragement and revitalisation that are perfect for a bedroom. A white bedroom is the ideal tranquil sanctuary for you to unwind in after a hectic day. It helps you slow down and offers some time for quietude. Moreover, white makes a small bedroom seem visually larger than it is.


However, a white bedroom does not have to be plain and boring. The design trick to keeping a white space from looking boring is to add warmth through textures, natural materials and pops of colour. Channel your sun and sea inspired alter ego with this all white space. Use pillowcases and duvets with coloured piping and introduce a day bed with a splash of colour to avoid monotony. Choose furniture and décor pieces in shades or white or grey. Additionally, add intriguing artworks above the bed to showcase your personality, and to tie the space together. A white wall is a great backdrop for interesting artworks, décor pieces and a latest wall painting design for the bedroom.

5. Light Pink

Light pink is the new bedroom colour to take the interior world by storm. It is neutral enough to create a minimalist bedroom but still has some personality and vibrancy. Light pink bedroom walls convey happiness and tenderness. It symbolises love and passion in a gentle way. Layer a pink hued bedroom with light pink soft furnishings and artworks, as done in this warm and tasteful bedroom. Use colours such as grey, brown, grey and white to add some contrasting elements to a light pink room. Moreover, light pink hued artworks can be hung over the bed for an interesting focal point. Bring in some greenery through potted plants and add accent lighting for the ultimate restful bedroom. For a chic and girly look, consider a pink two colour combination for bedroom walls with a soft, pale pink as the main shade and a deeper, rosy pink as an accent.​​

Best color for bedroom walls with hanging lights - Beautiful Homes

Light pink bedroom wall colours or home furnishings in shades of pink, combined with neutral colours and spiced up with natural green hues, create a harmonious and pleasant space.


From this round up of trending bedroom colours, light pink is the best colour for bedroom walls for young women. It helps create a wonderful space for them to rejuvenate in, and adds a comforting softness. In addition, light pink bedroom wall paint makes small spaces feel more spacious. Thus, choose light pink for your bedroom if you desire a light and airy space where you want to feel nurtured and loved.

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