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DIY kitchen décor: Affordable ideas to upgrade your space

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Mar 26, 2023
Extra Light Kitchen Design Ideas- Beautiful Homes

Your kitchen should be highly thought out in terms of design and function, but this doesn't necessarily mean that every refresh must be high cost! We’ve compiled a list of inventive low-cost kitchen ideas, for easy kitchen renovation.

In modern homes, the kitchen frequently needs to balance both functional necessity with looking attractive, making DIY kitchen décor a clever way to refresh or revamp your space. With some smart DIY, modular kitchen designs can give you a “new” kitchen whenever you wish, without putting a dent in your finances. And while a major revamp or structural changes might need the professionals, here are some simple craft ideas for kitchen wall décor, painting techniques to upgrade your space, and DIY kitchen design ideas for a big impact with a small price-tag!


Low Budget Kitchen Design Idea #1 - Clean Your Space!

Before we even get into the joys of DIY kitchen décor and the flexibility of DIY kitchen design ideas one of the quickest ways to truly make your kitchen sparkle is an intensive spring clean! It won't cost you anything, but it will transform your area and, as a bonus, helps inventory your space and plan where your DIY kitchen décor ideas can best be incorporated. Inspect your fixtures, appliances, walls and counters so that small repairs can be made and your DIY kitchen décor can shine!


Low Budget Kitchen Design Idea #2 - Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference, and for DIY kitchen décor, it’s important not to forget this fact. With a few simple supplies, bring a hint of personality and style to existing lighting options or add entirely new ones. Install strip lighting in cupboards and on shelves – with a self-adhesive back and uncomplicated wiring set-up – for one of the simpler DIY kitchen décor ideas that will still make a big impact. Or for the more arty, with basic DIY, modular kitchen set-ups can be given a whole new feel too – add decorative elements to change your light fixtures, or build your own pendant lampshade with the craft supplies of your choice!

Low Budget Kitchen Design Idea #3 - Change Out Accessories

Replacing or making changes to your kitchen accessories and fixtures might not seem like it would fit on a list of DIY kitchen décor ideas, but this is actually one of the key ways you can customise and personalise when indulging in some modular kitchen DIY. With a little effort, it’s possible to find charmingly designed vintage faucets, doorknobs and drawer handles that aren’t expensive – replace them yourself to keep costs at a minimum and you’ve got your own DIY modular kitchen cabinet pulls that are truly unique!

Simple Kitchen Décor Design Ideas- Beautiful Homes
New Tiles Décor Design Ideas- Beautiful Homes

Low Budget Kitchen Design Idea #4 - Try New Tile

In general, changing your tiles is something that’s better left to the professionals or only to be attempted by the proficient DIYer, so you might be wondering why it’s included in our DIY kitchen decor ideas. Well, with the many styles, designs and types of press-on faux tiles available today, it’s a snap to change the look of your space with this “retiling” option. While this should still be considered a larger project in DIY for kitchen decor, it’s very doable and will let you revamp your floors, experiment with a little DIY kitchen wall decor, or even give the island a new lease on life.


Low Budget Kitchen Design Idea #5 - Add Paint

From custom printed wallpaper to decorative backsplashes, brightly patterned and vividly coloured kitchens are very “in”. If you love this look but would prefer an option that’s a little cheaper, DIY kitchen décor that needs nothing but the paint of your choice and some basic art supplies is for you! Using acrylic paints to customise your backsplash is the perfect DIY kitchen wall décor project for the whole family – paint a pattern to suit your mood and change things up whenever you feel like with this easy-to-clean method. Other DIY kitchen décor ideas involving paint, are to customise your own kitchen towels with block printed borders, or (for the more experienced) add unique patterns to kitchen cabinets and even the walls.

Low Budget Kitchen Design Idea #6 - Or Even 3D Art

On the subject of DIY kitchen wall décor, why not get a little creative with a kitchen themed art piece, like dipping spoons in paint and mounting them on your wall to make a fun 3D pattern. When it comes to kitchen wall decorating ideas, do it yourself projects that repurpose broken or cracked crockery can be both thematic and attractive – knot them into macrame for a wall-hanging planter, or semi-submerge them in resin for a more unique, dynamic look. These kitchen DIY décor ideas might take a little effort, but the payoff will be a kitchen that’s one-of-a -kind.

3D Kitchen Décor Design Ideas- Beautiful Homes
Green Kitchen Décor Design Ideas- Beautiful Homes

Low Budget Kitchen Design Idea #7 - Add Greenery

When we think about DIY, modular kitchen design may seem like it will restrict your options in the types of DIY kitchen décor you can experiment with, but that’s definitely not the case. Even with the most streamlined kitchen, adding in a touch of greenery will still always be an option! Add handmade hanging planters, or decorate terracotta pots for your kitchen herb patch, or incorporate some DIY kitchen wall décor charm with a green-wall that’s put together with a wire mesh frame and shallow herb planters.


Low Budget Kitchen Design Idea #8 - Quirky Accessories

If you’re the type without an artsy bone in your body, but you want a uniquely decorated kitchen, DIY décor ideas that aren’t large in scale are a good way to get started. Something as simple as displaying your favourite recipes in decorative frames that have a vegetable / cooking themed pattern, or sticking glass pebbles to cork trivets to add a bit of bling to your table, are easy DIY kitchen décor projects that even the clumsiest of us can execute. After all, when it comes to DIY for kitchen décor the aim is to show off your personal aesthetic. 

Low Budget Kitchen Design Idea #9 - Go Vintage

One of the most popular DIY kitchen design ideas today is to give your kitchen a classic makeover – with vintage pickle pots, cute wooden accessories and DIY kitchen wall hanging that bring to mind the simple charm of yesteryear. Coordinate the finish and style of extras with the hardware or appliances, and hunt up some unique thrift finds for a low budget kitchen design that’s sure to please!

Vintage Kitchen Décor Design Ideas- Beautiful Homes

Low Budget Kitchen Design Idea #10 - Take a Message

When it comes to kitchen wall decorating ideas, do it yourself projects can be both attractive and functional. Since a key need in any kitchen is having a place to write things down – from the weekly meal schedule or menu, to jotting down the grocery list – using chalkboard paint to create a statement wall is a great DIY kitchen décor idea. After all, inexpensive doesn’t need to look cheap! DIY kitchen décor ideas that use chalkboard paint, or designate areas of the kitchen for better communication have a fun, yet trendy feel that brings to mind a professional kitchen.



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