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Inspiring living room shelves design ideas

  • Desigining Living Room
Apr 09, 2023
Floating glass shelf design for your living room design - Beautiful Homes

Whether you prefer a minimalist look, a rustic vibe, or a contemporary design, here are some of the best living room shelving ideas to inspire your interior design

When it comes to designing your living room, one of the key elements to consider is hall shelves design. Not only do wall shelves design for living room provide functional storage solutions, but they also offer an option to display your favourite books, decorative items, and personal jewels. With a range of living room shelves design options available, you can find the best style to complement your living room design. In this blog, we explore some of the best drawing room shelves design ideas that will elevate your space and fetch you a lot of compliments.


15 Hall Shelves Design Ideas to Enhance Your Living Room Design

1. Floating Living Room Shelves Design:

For a contemporary and minimalist look, a floating glass shelf design for living room is an excellent option. These shelves are wall mounted shelves for living room, creating a neat and uncluttered appearance that enhances overall living room design. They are perfect for displaying small decorative items, framed photos, or a collection of books.


2. Built-in Wooden Shelves Design for Living Room:

If you are a book lover or have a vast collection of articles to showcase, built-in wooden shelves design for the living room are a timeless and smart choice. These shelves can be customized to fit the measurements of your living room, making a seamless and integrated look. You can organise your books by colour, size, or genre to add visual appeal.


3. Industrial Pipe Living Room Corner Shelf Design:

 If you are a lover of industrial aesthetics, consider a corner living room shelf made from reclaimed wood and industrial pipe fittings. This blend adds a rustic and edgy touch to your living room. These living room shelves design ideas work well for displaying a mix of books, plants, and decorative objects.

Stunning shelf design for your living room design - Beautiful Homes
Corner shelf design for your living room design - Beautiful Homes

4. Corner Shelf Designs for Living Room: 

When exploring wall shelving ideas, it's important not to overlook the corners of your space; instead, make use of them with a corner living room shelf. These space-saving drawing room shelves design ideas fit well into the corners, delivering an opportunity to display plants, vases, or other decorative items. You can opt for floating corner shelves or floor-standing ones, depending on your choice.

5. Open Cube Shelves:

If you select a modern and trendy look, open cube living room corner shelf design is an ideal option. These shelves consist of separate cubes that can be organised in various configurations. You can mix and match various sizes and create a personalized display for books, art pieces, and decorative things.


6. Ladder Cement Shelf Designs for Hall:

Ladder shelves offer a special and versatile storage answer. These freestanding shelves look like a ladder, with each rung acting as a shelf. They can be positioned against a wall and are excellent for displaying books, plants, and decorative baskets. Ladder shelves also add a touch of visual appeal to your living room.

Classy open shelves design for your living room design - Beautiful Homes
Cosy wall mounted shelf design for your living room design - Beautiful Homes

7. Wall to Wall Shelf Design for Hall:

For maximised storage and a spectacular visual impact, consider having wall-to-wall shelves. These vast shelves cover a whole wall, offering ample space for displaying your favourite books, artwork, and collectables. To maintain an organized and cohesive look, you can combine books with cosmetic objects and include storage baskets or boxes.

8. Window Hall Shelves Design: 

Make use of the space under your windows by installing window wall mounted shelves for living room. These low-profile shelves create a cosy and welcoming display area for plants, small sculptures, or a seating corner. Window living room shelves on wall take benefit of natural light and can become a focal point in your living room.


9. Picture Ledge Living Rroom Shelves on Wall: 

Picture ledge wall shelf design for hall are a versatile choice that blends functionality with a gallery-style exhibit. These shallow hall shelves design are designed to hold picture frames, allowing you to effortlessly swap out artwork or family photos whenever you want. They are also perfect for showcasing small mementoes and adding a hint of personal touch to your living room.


10. Geometric Modern Shelf Design for Hall: 

Add a contemporary and artistic hint to your living room with geometric living room shelves design. These shelves come in various forms, such as hexagons, triangles, or irregular formations. Their distinctive design adds visual impact to your space while offering a trendy way to display books, plants, or decorative items.


11. Library-style Corner Shelf Designs for Living Room: 

Make a sophisticated and refined ambience with a library-style hall shelves design. These floor-to-ceiling shelf ideas mimic the look of a standard library, presenting an excellent setting for your book collection. Include a rolling ladder for a hint of vintage magic and easy access to higher shelves.


12. Rustic Style Wooden Living Room Corner Shelf Design: 

Bring warmth and natural components into your living room with rustic interior design ideas. The rich textures and organic feeling of wood add personality to your space. You can go for chunky wooden floating wall shelves design for living room or reclaimed wood shelves for a cosy and welcoming space.

13. Box TV Shelf Design for Hall: 

Box shelves, also known as TV shelves, offer a sleek and stylish storage option. These shelves consist of square or rectangular compartments, allowing you to set your TV, display books, decorative boxes, and other sculptures. Box shelves can be positioned in a grid pattern or asymmetrically for a creative look.


14. Glass Shelf Design for Living Room: 

If you want to create an illusion of space and harbour a breezy feel, consider glass wall shelves design for living room. These transparent shelves blend seamlessly with any interior design style, offering a platform to showcase delicate collectables, crystal statuettes, or minimalist décor items. Glass shelves also reflect light and make your living room appear more spacious.

Sleek box tv shelf design for your living room design - Beautiful Homes

15. Colourful Modern Shelf Design for Hall: 

Don't be afraid to inject some colour into your living room by opting for shelves in vibrant shades. Whether you prefer a single shelf or a combination of colours, colourful shelves can become a statement piece in your space. Coordinate the colours with your current interior design to form a cohesive and lively ambience.


How can Beautiful Homes help you create the living room of your dreams?

Incorporating well-designed shelving into your living room not only enriches the functionality of the space but also adds character and style to your interior design. Experiment with different shelving options such as cement shelf designs for hall and tv shelf design for hall arrangements until you find the perfect fit for your living room's interior design. With smart organisation solutions and drawing room shelving ideas by Beautiful Homes, you can beat the clutter and create a peaceful space that allows you to enjoy your living room’s true potential thoroughly. You may book your 3D consultation call to understand the project's process or walk into any of our stores across India. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who can help you turn your décor dreams into a living reality.

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