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Living room décor ideas matched to your family lifestyle

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Sep 21, 2020
Living room with a wooden rattan console, small centre table and a 2 seater sofa

Styling a space depends on the number of people who will use it and their life stage. In this series, we’ve got something for every kind of family unit

The ‘Mood Board Series’ is your solution to decoding designer spaces. Although generally used as a design presentation tool to evoke a particular style or concept, Mood Boards are also a great way to help you understand the specific elements that can be combined to create a well styled space. In this edition of the series, we are looking at an Indian living room inspiration for every Indian Home, based on the specific needs and aspirations of that family as a unit. A living room, also known as a Family room would be a great place to launch the mood board series. We will be looking at five different kinds of Indian Homes:

Living room with a grey L shaped sofa and a grey rug

While styling a space for a Nuclear family,, the most important thing to keep in mind is to find the right balance between function and form while taking care of the maintenance requirements of the products we can use.

The Nuclear Family

Here we will look at how to style a space for a family of four. A set of parents and their two young children. The most important thing to keep in mind while styling such a space is to find the right balance between function and form while taking care of the maintenance requirements of the decorative accessories we can use.


In this mood board there’s a cozy L-modular seater for the family to huddle in together for movie night. The colour is neutral. The objects can be changed as the kids grow older and the family’s tastes evolve. The curtains and rug are easy to maintain.

One interesting feature in this room is the mid-century style foldable writing desk. Classical yet young, this desk can be used during online lessons for the child or even as a work from home space for a parent that needs to supervise their child’s TV time while keeping in touch with the office. Another interesting feature is the center table with footstools/ottomans that can be pulled out and used during game night or when the children need help with homework. 

Individual with Pet

This is a type of space that has slowly emerged over the last decade in India. This home is for a single person in their own place, embracing their independence, away from a family home. They are independent, positive and self-motivated.


In this mood board, the living room design has a comfortable yellow three-seater and an edgy yet organic center table so the individual can take a casual siesta on a Sunday afternoon or binge watch their favourite TV show. 


What gives this home its bohemian vibe is the Macrame plant hangers along with the LED string lights, teamed up with cotton curtains in green and a hemp rug that is pet-safe. The planters are a mix of different natural textures. A great way to achieve the bohemian look is to never pick two similar items of furniture or accessories. The key here is to mix and match.

Living room with a brown sofa, a wooden TV unit and plants

The living room of a single person,embraces their independence away from a family home, making it their own place.

A living room with a wallpaper and a L shaped dark brown sofa

A living room for a Joint family becomes a space to gather and connect with each other despite the multiple generations of people living together, all of them with different tastes and interests.

The Joint Family

The joint family is a common type of family unit in our country. Here we will look at styling a space for a joint family of six: Parents, their son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. A family room in this sort of living situation becomes a space to gather and connect with each other despite the multiple generations of people living together, all of them with different tastes and interests.


In this mood board, the family has a large brown modular unit along with a cushioned trunk-style ottoman and single seaters so there is space for everyone to spend time together. The side tables are fairly large as it could see a variety of uses from holding snacks and drinks to charging electronic devices.

 The marble center table sits over the traditional Kashmiri carpet, breaking these brown shades with a block of white and gold. Using pastel and shaded planters along with brass planters are also an interesting way to tie in the colour palette.


The solid wood cabinet with ‘The Bust of Apollo’ and display of Krishna Leela-inspired Gokul wall-plates is a great mix of classics. The display shelf carrying trophies, heirlooms, books and other things collected by the family is another update to a staple form of accessorisation in most Indian homes.

The Modern Couple

This is a space for a couple. They are young and ambitious. They love to travel, host soirees at home and show off their finer tastes via the objects on display. The key to styling this couple’s home keeping the space young but still classical and elegant. Their home is a reflection of their aspirations and goals in life.


In this mood-board, we have opted for a plush velvet sofa, teamed with monochrome printed armchairs. There is plenty of seating when they entertain friends or family; the center table has ample room for snacks and drinks for such occasions. The TV unit design is fairly simple so that the attention is drawn towards the art they have collected for the home. This includes abstract paintings, sculptures and even the pendant light plays the role of an art installation. There are two sets of curtains—the solid blackout for privacy and controlled lighting, and an embroidered sheer for the aesthetic.

Living room with a green rug, a centre table and a balck sofa

The key to styling a modern couple’s palatial home is to keep the space young but still classical and elegant.

The highlight of this living room interior design is the unique bar unit and display shelf. These two statement pieces are likely to be a conversation starter at any gathering the couple hosts. It also adds a lot of character to the space. The planters are in black and grey to compliment the modern geometric patterns in the room and to keep the place looking swanky while bringing in some color and life through the use of plants. 

Living room with a wooden rattan console, small centre table and a 2 seater sofa

The home of a retired couple, is simple, aesthetic and easy to maintain.

The Retired Couple

This is the home of a retired couple: simple, aesthetically on-point, and easy to maintain. At the heart of this mood board is a sturdy yet comfortable two-seater sofa that is a balanced combination of wood and cushion. We’ve teamed this up with a printed beige single seater that comes in a complimentary shape. Notice that the pattern on this chair matches the rattan work on the two-seater sofa. This element and the woven basket planters bring in essential natural textures. Brass elements in the decor add elegance to the space.


This couple would prefer to entertain family over watching TV in the living room. They may also like to spend time on their hobbies - stitching, drawing, reading, gardening, etc. in this space. So, it was an obvious choice to include a long console table with ample storage space to store all their hobby paraphernalia. This is also the perfect place for them to hang family photos.

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