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Mumbai’s Mody Design Studio celebrates its Indian roots

  • Interior Design
Jun 21, 2024
Beautiful Beige Studio with No Partition - Beautiful Homes

Helmed by Rishabh Mody the studio located in Kala Ghoda, the city’s art precinct, pays homage to India with its materiality and concept 

Interior designer Rishabh Mody who is the director of his eponymous firm Mody Design Studio, has a rather interesting story of his love affair with design. Though passionate about this field, it took him a long time to turn it into his profession at a later stage in life. “My formal education from a university in the US was in Economics, and straight after my graduation, I had to return to Mumbai to help my father in the diamond industry. I stayed in this field for 11 years, setting up factories in Mumbai, Surat and Botswana, employing over 1000 workers. Although this was an exciting and lucrative career path, my heart was always in design,” he reveals.


Baby Steps

After spending over a decade in the diamond industry, Mody decided to take the plunge into the world of design. “Once the business had settled, I started dabbling in some online courses on interior design. I did a year-long course from New York Institute of Art and Design (NYIAD) and this broadened my perspective. It also gave me the confidence to enrol in Rachna Sansad's School of Interior Design in Mumbai for a three-year bachelor's program,” he adds.

Unlike other students, Mody was a father of two when he started his design journey. “After a year at Rachna, I was transferred to Florence from where I graduated with a Masters degree. So, my foray into the design field was based on pure passion and at a much later stage in my life,” explains the designer.


In the cut-throat world of design, having only theoretical knowledge doesn’t cut it and in order to gain some practical experience, Mody worked with interior designer Sunil Jasani and architect Ajit Shilpi for three years, before establishing his own practice.

Designer Rishabh Mody - Beautiful Homes

Interior designer Rishabh Mody with his wife and business partner Tarini Sheth Mody.

A New Beginning

With a degree in hand and some work experience under his belt, Mody decided to open his own firm, Mody Design Studio, in a historic part of south Mumbai. Located in Kala Ghoda, which is known as the art precinct of the city thanks to the heritage buildings, art galleries and cosy cafes in the neighbourhood, the firm opened its doors to the public in September 2020. “Unfortunately, COVID hit just as I was doing the interiors of my design studio in 2020. But fortunately, that gave me a chance to keep my workers on site for the whole period and complete the job way before time,” he recalls.


Firsts are always special, and for Mody, the story of getting his first client was a lucky chance encounter that happened in his absence. “My first project was a phone call from an unknown number. The client was in Kala Ghoda and saw the windows of my studio that piqued his interest. He asked around, found one of my staff members and got them to show him the space. Floored by the design, he took my business card, rang me up and told me that he is commissioning me to do the interiors of his apartment, knowing fully well that it would be my very first project,” shares Mody. Since then, he has worked on a number of projects ranging from bachelor pads, office spaces, holiday homes, and more. 

Decorative Light Fixtures Like Chandeliers and Lamps - Beautiful Homes

Distinct and decorative light fixtures grace the studio in the form of chandeliers and lamps.

Beautiful Outdoor Passage with Seatings - Beautiful Homes

The outdoor passage is used for various things, from taking calls, having a meal, conceptualising to getting some fresh air.

Design Inspiration

Studying in Florence gave Mody a deep understanding of how history influenced the design story of Italy, and left a deep impact on him too. “Even modern-day design in Italy draws its inspiration from some historic or cultural event, and I believe India as a design centre needs to do the same. So, when hunting for an office space, it was of utmost importance to me that I find something in a historic part of Mumbai,” he adds.


The hunt ended in Kala Ghoda where Mody found an 850-square-foot studio in a heritage building. “Being structurally weak, the building was demolished and rebuilt keeping its heritage structure intact. When I moved in, the other office spaces in the building were not occupied. Fortunately, we ended up being in what's now the heart of design in Mumbai,” shares the designer. Taking inspiration from Indian history, art and handicrafts, Mody’s studio is the definition of chic-Indian and contemporary style that is rooted yet modern. 

850-Sq-Ft Studio in Beige Colour - Beautiful Homes

The 850-sq-ft studio was ready in a span of three months and was conceived during lockdown in 2020.

Kuber Shah’s Photographs of Art Deco Buildings on Wall - Beautiful Homes

The walls are adorned with Kuber Shah's photographs of Art Deco buildings in Mumbai.

Old Meets New

Doing up a heritage structure poses a number of restrictions but that didn’t stop Mody from making thoughtful renovations that preserved its old-world charm yet brought in a fresh perspective. Natural light filters in through the numerous arched windows, lending an airy vibe in the entire studio. Explains Mody, “We made a number of changes to enhance the studio’s look. Earlier, the windows had aluminium frames that we changed to teakwood. Similarly, the entrance also had an aluminium and glass partition which we tore down and made a wood partition with cane embedded in glass to showcase one of the most ancient handicraft industries in India.”


The walls which had plaster on them were torn down to expose the original brick structure while the original wooden beams that were replaced during the renovation were also cladded back in wood. For the flooring, Mody designed a pattern taking inspiration from patan patola, a textile from Gujarat, that was then executed by Bharat Floorings & Tiles. “After a lot of back and forth on patterns and colours, we found a match that complemented the rest of the interiors,” he says.


Apart from the custom-made furniture, the use of teakwood is prevalent in the ceiling too. “We decided to use wooden rafters in the ceiling to keep the feel of the original heritage building. We used teak as it is local to India, and polished it with a water-based dead matte polish from ICA. This gives it a minimal and modern feel while also accentuating the grains in the wood,” shares Mody. 

Teakwood Used Throughout the Office - Beautiful Homes

Ample use of teakwood throughout the office adds warmth to the entire space.

Patan Patola Inspired Floorings & Tiles - Beautiful Homes

The flooring is inspired by patan patola and was a collaborative effort with Bharat Floorings & Tiles.

Mody Design Studio features an open-plan layout where no cabins or glass partitions separate the working zones. The core idea behind this was to have a boundary-free space where the team can ideate and create together. “It is important for us to show that we are one family and that all clients become a part of this family when they enter the firm. The open floor plan creates an atmosphere where design flows and takes on different shapes and forms from the minds of the partners to the designers and supervisors,” concludes Mody.


All images by Kuber Shah

Custom-Designed Furniture with Rustic, Indian Touch - Beautiful Homes
The custom-designed furniture pieces feature accents of cane to give them a rustic, Indian touch.
Arched Doors to Create an Old-World Charm. - Beautiful Homes
The arches were part of the original heritage structure and Mody retained them to create an old-world charm.
Beautiful Beige Studio with No Partition - Beautiful Homes
The studio is devoid of any partitions to create a seamless and harmonious workflow.

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