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The vintage king of Goa

  • Studio Design
Sep 01, 2023
Ranji Kelekar's Goa Studio - Beautiful Homes

Designer and stylist Ranji Kelekar’s Goa home and studio is a treasure trove of beautiful global décor finds you cannot miss

There has never been a dearth of beautiful looking homes in Goa, even before 2021 and the boom of new residents. Just walking down village streets you will spot glamourous properties designed by top tier designers or just old Portuguese homes that are so charming, people want to move to Goa just to live in those. But if there is one home in Goa that you cannot miss on your visit here, it is that of Ranji Kelekar’s. Located in the charming village of Moira, imagine Assagao before it became the gentrified version it is today, Ranji managed to find an elegant Portuguese home in one of its pretty by-lanes. And it is everything you imagine a Goan village to be, day-dreaming from your cubicle in New Delhi—quiet, only for the lazy rustling of the leaves in the breeze; silent, only for the sounds of the birds and bees.

Nestled in the picturesque village of Moira, Goa, Ranji Kelekar's home stands out amidst the region's stunning residences.

However, his home isn’t just quaint and lovely and everything that he stands for, it does one better for those who lust after décor—like an aesthetically curated, shoppable Instagram grid, you can buy the things your eyes land on. His by-invite studio is an extension of his home literally, and otherwise. Spend an afternoon there going through his precious finds from all over the world, and ask him for a tip or two for styling those pieces in your home. Chances are the first tip he will pass on—do what you like, there are no rules! He will get you to pair your crockery set with half its pieces missing with a brand-new find from his studio, which your guests will no-doubt ask about when you entertain.


If you are lucky, he might even offer you a home-cooked meal. Don’t believe us, plan a visit and see for yourself. In the meanwhile, here’s Ranji telling us how to create that vintage-collector-world-traveler vibe in our own homes. 

Beautiful Homes (BH): How would you describe your aesthetic?

Ranji Kelkar (RK): My basic aesthetic is about mixing and matching, layering, and putting together things such as something vintage with a piece that's really modern. Sometimes, you come across different things which help a particular setting work—a really beautiful distressed bench which you just decide can go well with a velvet cushion. That's how, I think, homes and spaces and particularly small objects start building up into a collection that is unique and beautiful. You probably have things in your home, your mother's home, your grandmother's home, things you just don't know what to do with. But in time, you realize that these are all beautiful and putting them together makes your space unique. 

Plant chandelier by Ranji Kelekar - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Anubhav Deka

BH: How did you develop an affinity for this style?

RK: My most defining childhood memory of a beautiful home was that of my uncle and aunt—an art deco home in Bombay. When we were invited over, I would notice they had the most exquisite crockery, silver cutlery, and everything was just so beautifully laid out. I was very inspired by them and the whole classic interpretation of a sit-down meal. I remember they had a beautiful Meissen onion pattern coffee set and I thought one day I will also get it. As I grew older and started entertaining, I started collecting things from all over. It takes you years of travel, every time you bring back one memory and that is what after a while forms your crockery closet. And Meissen became one of my favorites brands and the onion pattern became one of my favouritest things to collect.

Ranji Kelekar's studio - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Anubhav Deka

Animal motif plates by Ranji Kelekar - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Anubhav Deka

BH: How can we showcase the “world traveler” vibe in our homes?

RK: When you travel, either in India or overseas, go to beautiful shops and flea markets. Pick up something that catches your eye—from a rug to maybe just a vintage book, maybe a very modern cup and saucer, vintage linen, a bowl, a picture, a lamp etc. And through the years your home starts transforming into that of a world traveler because everywhere you went you picked up something that resonates with that space. The main thing is that you just have to be really interested in being able to collect things—some may have economical value, some may just be a little thrift piece. The art of mixing and matching has to come to you naturally—no amount of reading or watching shows really helps you to put things together. There are no rules—you just mix things up, just put things on a table. Try to think out of the box. Start rummaging through different kinds of wardrobes, cupboards, closets. Find quaint things, start collecting and make your home beautiful.

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