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This Chandigarh studio is edgy, modern and eclectic

  • Interior Design
Jun 28, 2024
Cosy living room design – Beautiful Homes

Architect Noor Dasmesh Singh’s practice explores what true Indian design is and what we can learn from the past to propel the future of design

When the first designed city was built at the foothills of the Shivaliks, the creators didn’t imagine it would inspire a generational change in the field of design for residents and beyond. Such is the story of a remarkable designer based in the gridded city of Chandigarh. Noor Dasmesh Singh has a global perspective on designing spaces. He loves using concrete and steel, reflecting the city's legendary past, but doesn’t shy away from incorporating new-age materials like reflective steel and advanced engineered fabrics. His practice, Noor Architects Consultants, seamlessly blends legacy and experimentation.

Noor Dasmesh Singh spearheads a globally published, award-winning cross-disciplinary practice NOOR Architects Consultants working in the realms of Urbanism, Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design and Strategy.

With a small team at Noor's residence/studio, they design lights, furniture, and architectural and urban spaces. They excel in material design and research. This multidisciplinary approach is a significant step forward for Noor in Chandigarh. The team works from a space consisting of five rooms and a terrace, which is incredible to see. Nestled in a residential sector is a home on the ground floor, and through the yard, you are led to a bright red spiral staircase leading to the studio on the first floor.


Much like a coconut, the exterior is rough with bricks, while the interior is creamy plaster. Once inside, the use of colours, reflective materials, mirrors, and acrylic will pleasantly surprise you. The edgy designs of tables, sofas, chairs, and even lights will transport you away from the city itself. The walls and Noor's photographic prints of Chandigarh feel like an exhibition. It feels more like a gallery than a studio. The sense of proportion, balanced use of materials, and choice of pieces from Indian and international designers create an eclectic and modern blend.

Vibrant red sofa design – Beautiful Homes

The studio entry foyer houses a Dali lip couch that lends a surrealist flair but also compliments the modernist sensibility of the house.

Bold red staircase design – Beautiful Homes

The metal staircase is like a sculptural intervention in the space; constructed with Corten steel to display the patina through the process of ageing over time.

The studio is deeply involved in writing and research, with constant participation in design competitions and techniques like three-dimensional printing in concrete and urban space planning. Noor worked for many years as a designer in the United Kingdom before returning to Chandigarh to start his practice. There was a sense of longing he fulfilled, and he feels extremely content with the current work the studio achieves. His love for Indian design and desire to contribute to the Indian design landscape excite him to no end. The studio is a unique place that constantly questions the idea of legacy and the future from one single room, one single table. It explores what true Indian design is and what we can learn from the past to propel the future of design.


All Images by Suryan//Dang

Noor Dasmesh Singh - Beautiful Homes
Noor Dasmesh Singh of NOOR Architects Consultants working in the realms of Urbanism, Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design and Strategy.
Spiral red staircase design for exterior – Beautiful Homes
The staircase is attached to a sky bridge which leads up to our atelier.
Simple and minimal room design – Beautiful Homes
The artwork is an accent echoing the hues of green seen in other elements of the conference room. Described by the designer as “Vocabulary with colour and space”.
Minimal studio design – Beautiful Homes
The studio space is a culmination of differing design details that seamlessly come together. Modernist details like the ventilator hung with brass wire, alongside the deliberately aged walls and handmade ceramic glazed tiles lend the space a unique character.
Classic white sofa design – Beautiful Homes
The mirror frame is inflated metal, the bottom light is inspired by Corbusier and alongside modernist furniture pieces, this room also sees the paragon modernist chrome chair.
Minimal black door design – Beautiful Homes
The futuristic details in the room ie; the iconic Pantone chair and the rendition of the studio in metaverse on the screen juxtapose with the agedness of patina on the walls. The door knob is modelled on a human ear.
Minimal brick wall themed room with room design – Beautiful Homes
Another inflated metal chair is seen at the entrance of the studio and contrasts the ruggedness of brick walls and terracotta floor.
Chic black table design – Beautiful Homes
This room is a confluence of Noor’s inspirations and experiments alike.
Small seating area design – Beautiful Homes
NDS’ workspace as seen through the arrival point.
Brick wall design to enhance your space – Beautiful Homes
Inspired by details of industrial design, the window hangs from the top with a pulley system. The wall accent is another inflated metal piece by the studio and bears the name of the think tank called ‘ROON’ that mirrors the studio name NOOR.
Cosy living room design – Beautiful Homes
The wall is covered by an image of the Capitol Complex, taken by NDS from under the Parasol roof. The optical side table is inspired by the sculptural pieces of Anish Kapoor and is made of chrome finished disks welded together.

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