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Bohemian living room ideas for your home

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Aug 17, 2020

When we think of bohemian style, be it in fashion or interior design, the first thing that comes to mind is an effortless, laid-back aesthetic: vibrant prints, bright colours and natural fabrics, all layered with unique quirks and unconventional elements. Even though we may all have a clear mental image of bohemian style, what’s great about this kind of décor is that it is really easy to adapt to your own personal preferences. Every bohemian style room is different!  


What Does It Mean To Have A Bohemian Style Living Room?

For an aesthetic that’s warm and inviting, the best starting point is a bohemian living room. And, while terms like “boho-chic” and “bohemianstyle” are thrown around all the time, how does one create this laid-back style in a living room in a way that’s true to your own taste, creating a space you can call your own? If you have a bold, outlandish sense of style that you want to bring to your living room, or if you prefer a tranquil, muted space that could still use a little warmth, consider these bohemian style living rooms for your next homemakeover.

1. A Bohemian Living Room That Works For You
Since a bohemian aesthetic involves incorporating a mélange of prints, textures and colours, in our country, you need not look too far to find furnishings and curios to create a bohemian style living room. From the ethnic linens indigenous to your home state, to the ornate vases you’ve inherited from your ancestors—all these are quintessential décor pieces that work to style an Indian bohemian living room. So, whether you prefer a muted palette or want a fresh burst of colour in your space, you can create a bohemian Indian living room that works for you, to create a home you’ll be comfortable in.

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

Image courtesy, Interiors by Mili, Photography by Shubham Magdum

2. A Bohemian Living Room Can Be Created In A Heritage Home
bohemian style living room design is not restricted to a particular style of home. It can work in practically any home—a studio apartment, builder flat, heritage bungalow…the possibilities are endless. While the structure of your space could define the room, the bohemian décor pieces will serve as accents to add personality.


Style Tip: Even with its gorgeous wooden beams and panelling, this living room gets an eclectic balance with the teal armchair and ottoman, which are colour-blocked with the bright green bar stools.

3. A Bohemian Style Living Room Starts With The Walls
Sometimes, a single accent can define a space. If your living room interior is already decorated with all its pieces in place, but you’d like a quick makeover to change the style up a bit, consider your walls as the starting point. A single accent piece or work of art can   shift the mood or aesthetic towards  a bohemian style living room.


Insider’s Eye: This simple rope rug works as a perfect bohemian wall hanging to change the aesthetic of the entire room. With its light versatile cream colour, if can even work in a minimalist or small-space home, too.

Stylish Bohemian Living Room With Leather Couch, and Lilac Armchairs  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Curology/ Unsplash

Image courtesy, Richa Bahl, Photography by Fabien Charuau

4. A Bohemian Living Room Can Be Created With Subtle Accents
Perhaps the idea of a bohemian style living room is one you can’t commit to, but would like to experiment with elements of it for a short time. The easiest way to do this is with moveable décor pieces, such as rugs, cushion covers, throws and other furnishing linens. You could go all out and get bright prints that pair well or colour-block the room’s existing palette, or play it safe with a mix of vivid solid colours in a similar hue.

5. A Minimalist Can Also Have A Bohemian Style Living Room
While we hear a lot about prints and vibrant tones, minimalist bohemian living room can also be created with muted accents or earthy tones. Furniture and décor pieces made from cane, rattan or distressed woodwork well for this laid-back style, while plants and personal mementos also make the space feel inviting and cosy.

Image courtesy, Followtheflow/Shutterstock

Image courtesy, Followtheflow/Shutterstock

In a home shared by an entire family, it may be difficult to change up the style of a particular room according to your tastes and preferences. However, even if you can’t create a bohemian style living room in the house, you can create a boho nook in your own personal space or room. Making a cosy nook by the window or in the corner of a room with bohemian accents, such as plush printed pillows, rugs and handwoven throws, can create an area for you to kick back and relax.

7. A Bohemian Style Living Room Idea For A Studio Apartment
Even a small living room can have a bohemian style, or, in the case of a studio apartment, an entire space with bohemian accents. While you may worry about bright, loud colours making the room look smaller or cramped, that doesn’t have to be the case. In this home, simple accents like the cactus plant, flowers in a solid indigo pot and miniature piñata add visual conversation points across the room without dominating the entire space.


Insider Tip: The most underrated décor pieces are books, which can lend a lot of character and a mood to the room. These colourful coffee table books on display—paired with the printed cushions and throws on the sofas—make the room extremely inviting and bohemian.

Image courtesy, Lea Rae/shutterstock

Photography by Prachi Damle

8. Recreate Your Personal Style In A Bohemian Living Room
If you’re ever wondering what exactly your personal style is, look around you—simple elements like the clothes you wear, the accessories you pair them with and the materials you tilt towards, will give you an idea of the styles you like to surround yourself in. And whatever your personal style may be, it can be mirrored in a bohemian living room. And, the biggest interior design rule is: there aren’t any rules. The most important thing to think about when styling your space is to create an aesthetic and atmosphere that you’ll be comfortable living in. 

Style Tip: In this maximalist bohemian living room, the multicoloured ikat wallpaper is paired with a contrasting printed rug and cushions, paired with colour blocked sofa sets, and a mix and match of curios and plants. While this may seem like too much, when paired well, this brings together a bohemian living room with impeccable style.

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