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Reviving Tradition with a modern spin: Mangalore tile roof designs

  • Ideas & Inspiration
Sep 22, 2023
Roof design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Here are some innovative Mangalore tile roof design ideas that blend contemporary aesthetics with classic charm, providing your home with both style and functionality

Mangalore tiles, widely known for their distinctive form and traditional allure, have long been a staple in Indian architecture. Originating from the coastal city of Mangalore in India, these tiles are renowned for their exceptional quality, durability, and inherent beauty. With their unique curved shape, they offer not only functional benefits like excellent water shedding and thermal insulation but also contribute significantly to the aesthetic appeal of a structure. In recent years, these classic tiles Mnagalore have found a new lease of life in modern homes, with designers ingeniously incorporating them into contemporary settings. In this blog, explore some innovative and stylish ways to use Mangalore clay tiles in your exterior house design, blending tradition with modernity to create truly captivating spaces.

Pros and Cons of using Mangalore Tiles

Pros of Using Mangalore Tiles:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Mangalore clay tiles add a distinct, traditional aesthetic to any building. Their unique curved shape and red colour can enhance the visual appeal of your home.

  • Durability: These tiles are known for their durability and longevity. They can withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy rain and strong winds.

  • Thermal Insulation: Tiles Mangalore provide excellent thermal insulation, keeping interiors cool during hot summers.

  • Water Resistance: The design of these tiles ensures effective water shedding, preventing leakages during rainy seasons.

  • Eco-Friendly: Mangalore tiles are made from natural clay, making them an environment-friendly roofing option.


Cons of Using Mangalore Tiles:

  • Weight: These tiles are quite heavy, which may require additional structural support, especially for older buildings.

  • Maintenance: Over time, house Mangalore tiles roof designs may accumulate moss or algae, requiring regular cleaning and maintenance.

  • Cost: While the tiles themselves may not be overly expensive, the installation process can be labour-intensive and costly.

  • Fragility: Despite their durability, Mangalore clay tiles can be brittle and prone to cracking if not handled carefully.

  • Limited Designs and Colours: Compared to other modern roofing materials, house Mangalore tiles roof designs offer limited choices in terms of design and colour.



Mangalore Tiles Roof Designs


1. Two-level Mangalore Tiles Roof Design

This design takes advantage of the unique form and aesthetic appeal of tiles Mangalore to create a visually striking two-level roof. The lower level can be used for practical purposes, like a covered patio or carport, while the upper level adds height and grandeur to the structure. The two levels, when built with Mangalore tiles, retain a traditional vibe, perfectly blending old-world charm with modern architectural principles. The design is not only visually appealing but also functional, providing excellent water shedding and thermal insulation properties.


Mangalore tile roof design - Beautiful Homes

2. Orange Wall and Mangalore Tile Roof Design

This design idea pairs the rustic red of Mangalore tiles with vibrant orange walls, creating a warm and inviting look. The contrast between the orange walls and the red Mangalore tile roof adds a pop of colour and visual interest to your home's exterior. This combination is particularly suited to houses in tropical or coastal areas, where such bold colours complement the natural surroundings beautifully. Moreover, the Mangalore roof tiles house designs offer excellent durability and thermal insulation, making your exterior house design both stylish and practical.

3. Combination of Flat and Mangalore Tile Roof Design

This design idea merges the modern flat roof with the traditional Mangalore tile roof, creating a unique architectural blend. The flat roof can be used for practical purposes like a rooftop garden or solar panels, while the Mangalore roof tiles house design adds a touch of tradition and colour to the structure. This combination is not only visually appealing but also offers the benefits of both roof types.


4. Mangalore Tile Roof with Skylights

Incorporating skylights into a Mangalore tile roof is a great way to enhance natural lighting in your home while maintaining the charm and functionality of the traditional tiles. The skylights can be strategically placed for optimal sunlight, and the Mangalore tiles for terrace ensure efficient water shedding around them.

5. Mangalore Tile Roof with Solar Panels

With sustainability becoming a key consideration in modern home designs, pairing Mangalore tiles with solar panels is an excellent idea. The tiles provide the traditional aesthetic and thermal insulation, while the solar panels contribute to energy efficiency. This design is a perfect blend of tradition and technology, making your home not only beautiful but also eco-friendly.

Mangalore tiles roof design with solar panels - Beautiful Homes

6. Gable Mangalore Tile Roof Design

This design idea utilises the classic gable roof structure with Mangalore tiles house design. The steep pitch of the gable roof is perfect for highlighting the unique shape and colour of the tiles. Moreover, this design provides excellent water shedding and adds a traditional charm to your home's exterior.

Patterned Mangalore tile roof ideas - Beautiful Homes

Cost of Mangalore Tiles Roofs

Mangalore tile roofs are highly sought after in India, thanks to their attractive appearance, durability, and superior thermal insulation. However, the cost of Mangalore tiles roofs can vary based on several factors such as the vendor, the quality of tiles, and the cost of installation.


Typically, Mangalore tiles price can start from as low as INR 30 per piece and go up to INR 45 per square foot. Mangalore tiles price for some premium versions of these tiles can even cost around INR 250 per square foot.

These costs are only for the tiles. Installing them is a separate charge which can significantly add to the overall cost. Depending on various factors like the height at which the roof is being constructed, installation costs can range between INR 170 to INR 300 per square foot.



How are Mangalore Tiles Made?

Mangalore tiles, originating from Mangalore, India, are made using a traditional process. The production begins with the extraction and purification of laterite clay, mainly found near local rivers. This clay is then shaped using moulds to form the distinctive Mangalore tile shape. After moulding, the tiles are dried and fired in a kiln to harden them and give them their characteristic reddish-brown colour. This process, which started in the first factory in 1860, combines local materials and traditional techniques, making Mangalore tiles house design a significant part of the region's architectural heritage.




1. What is the size of Mangalore tiles?

The standard size of Mangalore tiles for terrace is approximately 10 inches wide and 16 inches long.


2. Why are Mangalore tiles used?

Mangalore tiles for roofs are used for their unique aesthetic appeal, durability, and superior thermal insulation properties. They add a traditional touch to the architecture and are highly effective in maintaining indoor temperatures.


3. What is the maximum size of Mangalore roofing tiles?

The maximum size of Mangalore roofing tiles can vary, but generally, they do not exceed 10 inches in width and 16 inches in length.


4. Are Mangalore tiles sustainable?

Yes, Mangalore tiles are sustainable. They are made from laterite clay, which is an abundant natural resource. Additionally, their long lifespan and high durability mean they don't need to be replaced frequently, contributing to their sustainability.

How can Beautiful Homes Help You with Choosing Mangalore Tiles Roof Design for Your Home?

Beautiful Homes is well-versed in the distinct charm and functionality of Mangalore tiles for roofs. We understand that choosing the right roof design can significantly impact the aesthetic and comfort of your home. With our expertise, we can guide you through the process of selecting and implementing a Mangalore tile roof design that complements your home's style and meets your specific needs. Trust us to transform your home design with the timeless elegance of Mangalore tiles.


Book an online consultation with us today! Or, you can visit one of the many Beautiful Homes stores near you. Our stores are available in all major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Amritsar, Ernakulam, Raipur, Ooty, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chennai. Visit our website to find the nearest store.

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