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Purple bedroom colour combination to try on

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Sep 10, 2022
Orange & purple two-colour combination for the bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Do you want to get your bedroom painted in a rich and sophisticated colour but are stuck at the choice of colours that should be used? We would suggest exploring the various hues of purple

Purple is a colour that exudes richness and royalty like no one else. Purple is almost synonymous with royalty and regalia. Purple is usually associated with a variety of characteristics such as energetic, lively, and soothing. There is no doubt that purple is one of the most regal colours out there. Purple also exhibits traits of wealth and luxury. One of the most modern and suave ways to decorate your interiors is to have a purple two colour combination for wall colours. Purple pairs well intra-hue, i.e. within its various shades.


One of the more specific responses towards purple is that it represents light-hearted and romantic energies. According to modern psychology, the colour purple is associated with authority and power. Let’s have a look at some of the most trendy purple colour combinations and aesthetic purple bedroom décor ideas for your home’s interiors.

Purple and Orange

This purple colour combination (purple colour combination for bedroom walls) is a very appealing and hence sought-after one. Rather than having orange two colour combination for bedroom walls we can combine orange & purple. While both purple and orange are considered to be colours that are bold, you can always use the lighter tones of both these colours to create a milder, and cozy space when it comes to bedroom colour combination with purple. While you can use purple on both the walls of the bedroom and the cabinetry, a two -tones finish would look much better. A good idea is to have a purple background with stripes of orange, or vice-versa.

Purple and Pink

When it comes to walls in your bedroom design, all hues of purple and pink go really well together. When it comes to bedroom purple colour combination, the one with pink is a very popular choice. You can go for any hue of purple - whether it be royal purple or pastel purple. Pink will always complement any shade of purple there is. Modern pink and purple bedroom colour combinations will add some deep character to your space in the bedroom. For a more muted yet sophisticated vibe vis-a-vis purple and pink colour combination for bedroom, you can opt for tones and shades of purple and pink that are lighter. However, a darker shade of purple paired with a lighter hue of pink will make the space look really balanced. Modern pink and purple bedroom designs are very distinct and versatile. Purple and pink colour combination for bedroom is one of the most elegant and aesthetic purple bedroom ideas out there.


Purple and White

White is the one colour that can bring in elegance and minimalism to any colour there is. So, naturally when it comes to an energetic and unusual hue like a purple bedroom colour, a pairing with white is on the cards. Purple with. White is a classic pairing that brings in a vibe of sophistication to your room. There is an amazing contrast between deep purple and pearl white and this can set the tone for your aesthetic purple bedroom very well. Purple colour combination for bedroom walls is one of the most powerful combinations there is.  When it comes to white, you can experiment with any tones of purple - from lilac to royal to velvet violet - it all goes well. Purple bedroom colour with white is a timeless classic. 

White & purple colour combinations for the bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

A pearl white hue in bedroom colour combination with purple is one of the most sought after ideas in bedroom interiors. One of the timeless classics when it comes to aesthetic purple bedroom ideas, pearl white and purple reigns supreme. The purple colour combination for bedroom is a very popular choice.

Green & purple aesthetic purple bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Purple and Green

This purple colour combination is an unusually eclectic colour combination for your bedroom walls. When it comes to bedroom purple colour combination, green or royal green is a very good choice. Yet this aesthetic purple bedroom combination lends a luxurious looking feel to your room. A good way to add some green to your velvet violet bedroom is to add some plants. Plants and climbers create a natural vibe in the space while offering the contrast between various shades of green and purple. This combination would add an elegant touch to the entire room. Light purple paint for bedroom is a great idea for interior design and a great item from the aesthetic purple bedroom ideas list. Even deep  purple paint for bedroom is a great design idea.

Purple and Yellow

This is a classic royal pairing when it comes to purple bedroom colour combination. From the Maharajas of Jodhpur to NBA teams like the Golden State Warriors or the LA Lakers - the classic combination of purple with yellow reigns supreme! You can run experiments with various hues of gold to work with purple instead of yellow. Another way is to keep the purple darker and the yellow lighter, but not too light. This is one of the most chic colour combinations with purple out there. 

Yellow & purple attractive purple two-colour combination for bedroom walls - Beautiful Homes


1. Which colour is the best combination with purple?

It usually depends on the shade of purple being used. The important thing to take care of is the contrast ratio while selecting the colour combination for your bedroom. A darker shade of purple (deep purple) may work best with a lighter shade (like ivory white), whereas lighter shades like lavender may go well with green or yellow.


2. What are the best colours to go with purple for a bedroom?

Some of the colours that go really well with purple are white, grey, lavender and even beige.

Colour combination for your bedroom suited best with purple - Beautiful Homes

3. What colours are best-suited to go well with a purple wall?

Purple is a very versatile colour and can be paired really well with a lot of colours. This pairing majorly depends on the hues of purple itself. Lighter tones of purple work best with greens or yellows, whereas darker tones would go well with solid but light tones like an ivory white. 


4. Is purple a good colour for the bedroom?

Yes, of course. Purple two colour combination for bedroom would be great. However, make sure that the tone of purple for your purple bedroom is light. 

5. Would glitters look good with a purple wall?

You may substitute white with siklvers or greys, and they’d look lovely when paired with purple. Purple bedroom colour combination with glitter is a good option if you have a solid colour to go with it.



Whether you want to create more aesthetic appeal like purple two colour combination for bedroom or align the vibe of your space with existing structures or play with colour combinations like purple paint colors for bedrooms - we will be able to meet your needs well.


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