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Child-friendly home interior design ideas

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Aug 08, 2019
Child-friendly home interior design - Beautiful Homes


Kids and technology make the perfect match with these child-friendly gadgets. Help your kids to learn, grow & become more tech-savvy with our suggestions!


Finding ways to engage your children at home can be a complex task, especially as the kids of today belong to the hyper-connected Generation Z. However, there’s plenty of technology for kids that will not only keep them entertained but will also improve learning and growth. While many fear that mixing kids and technology may be a “quick fix” for keeping them occupied, there are a vast variety of creative, easy-to-maintain products which can actually make both your kids, and the spaces they inhabit, smarter.


Technology for kids: intelligent toys

Don’t have enough vacation time to take your kids to different museums or world-famous historical sites? The Mattel View-Master DLX VR offers 360-degree tours of several museums and national parks as well as the space shuttle, locations in New York, London and Mexico and even the Acropolis in Greece! This innovative technology can inspire and fuel your home interior design ideas, allowing you to bring elements of these captivating destinations into your own living spaces.


The interactive Osmo Genius Kit allows kids to manipulate virtual tiles pens and paper so as to solve puzzles and play games simply by hooking a mirror clip to an iPad. With tons of educational content, this Apple product leads the way in demonstrating how kids and technology can interact in meaningful, constructive ways.


CogniToys’ GreenDino offers a unique form of technology for kids as it aids in the process of learning how to spell and count. In addition, the Dino also teaches maths, science, history and geography through the telling of stories, games and jokes, ensuring that kids will be entertained for many fun-filled hours.


If brushing teeth before bedtime is a regular chore, it might be a good idea to introduce your kids to  Grush, the Gaming Toothbrush. A toothbrush with a bluetooth sensor that interacts with a phone-based gaming app, Grush encourages kids to brush their teeth by showing the toothbrush defeating little tooth monsters. Brushing teeth has never been so fun!


Bridging the gap between kids and technology with personal robots
By getting your child a programmed companion like Miko 2 from Emotix, who can read human emotions and accordingly adapt its response, your child will have a constant source of interaction and entertainment. For instance, if your child is tired or irritable, Miko 2 can read them a soothing story or engage in a meaningful conversation. In addition, you also get to have some precious downtime as your child will always have someone to talk to, play with or ask why the sky is blue (among other things)!

Miko by Emotix for child-friendly home - Beautiful Homes

Smart lighting – ingenious, soothing technology for kids
With Philips Hue Lighting, creepy shadows on the bedroom design walls and monsters under the bed will firmly become a thing of the past. By choosing one of Philips Hues’ smart bedside lamps, the light timer can be programmed to gradually begin to dim down before turning off completely once your child has fallen asleep.


By fixing the lights from the bed to the bathroom and adding on  smart floor and door sensors with Samsung SmartThings, you will be able to programme the lights to switch on automatically once the sensor picks up movement in the room. This means your child will never have to wander around a dark room if they are too small to reach the light switch! However, it’s a good idea to save power by setting the central hub to automatically turn the lights off when not in use.

Trax Play GPS tracker for child-friendly home - Beautiful Homes

Always know where your kids are with child-tracking technology
Sit back and relax as gadgets such as Trax Play help pinpoint your child’s whereabouts. By providing the GPS tracker with a designated perimeter, your phone will be alerted the minute your child walks beyond the geofenced area. Easily attached to the waistband of your child’s trousers, the Trax Play GPS tracker comes in two models - one for home and another for school. Parents love this gadget as it offers scheduling and regular updates, so it’s easy to create a variety of geofences that become active on specific days and at specific times.


CogniToys for child-friendly home - Beautiful Homes
CogniToys GreenDino helps kids learn how to spell and count.
Mattel View-Master for child-friendly home - Beautiful Homes
The Mattel View-Master DLX VR offers 360-degree tours of several museums and national parks as well as the space shuttle.

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