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Sep 16, 2020

No matter how far we’ve progressed in technology or the modernity of our times, till date, planning a home is never completely straightforward or easy. While you may know exactly what you want your dream house to look like down to the finest, most minute detail, executing your vision and bringing it to life can be tricky. And that shouldn’t be the case.


After working with the biggest names in the industry and being associated with the most prestigious projects in the country across several decades, India’s leading paint company Asian Paints began to notice a pattern of growing concerns when it came to designing or renovating a home. With this in mind, it has created its latest offering—Beautiful Homes Service, which is a tailor-made interior design service with a consumer-first approach to undertake and execute every task required to create your dream home from start to finish in a hassle-free, time-saving method. With a seamless six-step process, which starts the moment you sign up for the Beautiful Homes Service on the website, your home project will be entrusted in the hands of experienced interior designers, who will enlist skilled and reliable professionals to bring your vision for a dream home to life.


The Growing Need For An Expert Interior Designer

It could be that room you’ve wanted to extend from the time you moved into the home or a kitchen renovation you’ve been saving up for after you stumbled upon the most gorgeous one in that glossy magazine years ago—for any home design or renovation project you decide to undertake, you’ll want the end result to be absolutely perfect down to every last detail. And, while you may have a lot of visual inspiration or specific ideas in your head for exactly what you want the space to look like, in reality, executing this vision needs a lot of technical detailing which require expert knowledge. With the Beautiful Home Service, your home is put in the hands of an expert interior designer, who will discuss your ideas with you and help fine tune and translate them into your house. Even if you’d like to redo your home, but are drawing a blank when it comes to what you’d want it to look like, the expert interior designer will be on hand to give you inspiration along the way and present you with a range of ideas based on your preferences and living habits.

Advertising professional Navaz Dadabhoy, who splits her time between New Delhi and Goa, echos this sentiment as well. “Both my husband and I work in creative industries and are constantly immersed in or exposed to interesting forms of design. This inspires us to constantly want to bring that into our home, but that isn’t as easy as it sounds,” she warns. While she personally loves to create numerous mood boards as inspiration on Pinterest to remember these ideas, she says bringing all of them to life will create the biggest mismatch in both her homes. “While I know a thing or two about design, even home interiors, it would be helpful to have the right expert to distill these ideas into something realistic that we can live in,” she admits.

Interior design ideas for a modern home interiors - Beautiful Homes

A panel of expert interior designers will work closely with you to create your dream home.

So, whether you’re an absolute design rookie or a seasoned observer and appreciator of home décor, here are five ways an expert interior designer can help create the perfect home for you.


1.    Expert Advice To Fine Tune Your Vision


With the Beautiful Homes Service, Asian Paints has enlisted the best professionals in the business to make sure you get the most professional service when creating the home you want. For this, they’ve entrusted a panel of expert interior designers to who will work closely with every project registered with the service. Once you’ve signed up and spoken to your dedicated Customer Experience Specialist who will understand and take down all your interior design needs, tastes, preferences and requirements, an expert interior designer will present the designs for your home based on your preferences and the latest trends on the 3D visualizer. This state-of-the-art 3D visualiser has been created specially by Asian Paints for the Beautiful Homes Service. This 3D render will help you accurately understand the home design and allow you to make changes to it before the actual work begins.

Ideas for home interior design as per your family's preferences - Beautiful Homes

The designer will discuss a few options with you based on your personal style, living habits and the family’s preferences.

2.    Understanding Exactly What You Need


Often, when thinking of different ideas for something we love, such as the home, it’s quite normal to get carried away and come up with a mélange of designs and requirements. But bringing this all together and weaving it into reality is quite another thing. And, sometimes, we may not need every little thing we’ve thought of. Your expert interior designer in the Beautiful Homes Service will help you understand exactly what you need in your home and distill your ideas according to not just your requirements, but the entire family’s as well. Because of their experience and skill in the industry, the expert designer will have the professional knowledge of knowing the technical details behind bringing your vision to life and may advise you for or against doing something realistically in your home. 

Should you want to redo your home but have no idea where to start or what sort of look or aesthetic you’re going for, the expert designer will discuss a few options with you based on your personal style, living habits and the family’s preferences.


3.    Creating A Realistic Version Of Your Ideas


When decorating or designing a home, one of the first things to consider is a budget. While the possibilities to a renovation are infinite, the Beautiful Homes Service is mindful of the fact that each home is unique and with it comes its own requirements. There may be a mix of things you’ll want to change or add to your home, but before you get carried away, the expert interior designer will fine tune these ideas into creating what can realistically work in our home based on the budget you’d like and the time you’d like to dedicate to your home renovation. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free execution with every expectation met from start to finish.

4.    Access To The Latest In The World Of Design


Every expert interior designer associated with the Beautiful Homes Service has been exposed to the best in the industry and has kept abreast with the latest developments and advancements in the world of design and home décor. When helping you design and plan your home, your expert interior designer will always recommend the most updated products and methods of design when working with you to draw up your ideas and vision. So, if you’ve been planning for a modular kitchen and the fittings you have in mind have been updated over the recent years, your designer will suggest a host other modern options with a better fit for your home.

Range of interior design products & ideas for house design - Beautiful Homes

Interior design ideas for renovating your home - Beautiful Homes

Additionally, Asian Paints has also curated a range of products and solutions from a family of brands to create AP Homes—a one-stop shop for every décor requirement ranging from furniture and furnishings to fixtures and home automation solutions. Your expert designer can schedule visits to a store with you to recommend a mix of the finest brands in India for your home. 


5.    A Guarantee With The Best In The Industry


After dominating the paint industry since its inception in 1942, Asian Paints has strived towards constantly redefining the standard of quality in its products, aiming to offer only the best, most long-lasting solutions for a home. From modular kitchens, furniture and furnishings to lighting, paint and wallpaper, any products from Asian Paints or its associated brands come with a set of warranties and quality assurances to add value to everything being fitted in your house. For example, modular kitchens are provided by Sleek, which offers a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects; while every paint and wallpaper finish by Asian Paints comes with its individual product warranty, as well.


Are you looking for interior design expertise for your own project? We can help. Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints offers customers personalised interior design and hassle-free execution, all in one. We can help you design, visualise, and create your dream home. For a home consultation, click here.

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