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Unlock positive energy: East-facing house vastu plan explained

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Jul 03, 2024
East face home design for living room - Beautiful Homes

Illuminate your living space with positivity – our guide to East-Facing House Vastu ensures every corner is bathed in the right energy

Building or renovating a home is a journey that involves careful planning and consideration of various aspects, with Vastu Shastra playing a pivotal role. This ancient Indian architectural science, rooted in the harmonious balance between nature and the constructed environment, holds immense significance in enhancing the well-being of individuals. For those fortunate enough to own an east-facing house, understanding the nuances of East-Facing House Vastu becomes crucial for fostering positive energy flow and prosperity within the confines of your home. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the intricacies of an east-facing house Vastu plan, offering insights into key elements that can profoundly influence your living space.


How to Determine East Facing House Vastu?

Before delving into the specifics of Vastu for an east-facing house, it is essential to confirm the orientation of your home. The process is relatively straightforward, involving the use of a compass. Stand at the center of your house and hold the compass level. The direction indicated as east on the compass corresponds to the front of your house, confirming its east-facing orientation.


Vastu for East Facing House or Flat:

Once you ascertain that your house faces east, it is time to explore the Vastu guidelines specifically tailored for east-facing homes. Adhering to these principles can create an environment that not only aligns with ancient wisdom but also promotes positive energy flow and overall well-being.


East Facing House Vastu Plans for Rooms

1. East Facing House Main Door Vastu

The main door is considered the gateway for energy to enter your home, making its placement crucial in Vastu. For an east-facing house, the main door should ideally be positioned in the auspicious northeast corner. This allows for the unhindered flow of positive energy, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Ensure that the door opens in a clockwise direction, symbolising the cyclical nature of life. Additionally, illuminate the entrance area adequately to invite positive energy into your abode. Avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the main door, as they might deflect positive energy away.

2. Kitchen Vastu for East Facing House

In the realm of Vastu, the kitchen holds special significance as it is associated with nourishment and prosperity. For an east-facing house, the ideal location for the kitchen design is the southeast corner. It is advisable to position the person cooking in such a way that they face east while preparing meals. Keep the kitchen clean, well-organised, and free from clutter, as this contributes to a positive and vibrant atmosphere. To further enhance the energy in the kitchen, incorporate shades of yellow or orange in the décor.

East facing vastu home plan for kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pramod Group

3. Living Room Vastu for East Facing House

The living room serves as the social hub of any home, and its placement in an east-facing house is critical for fostering positive interactions. Ideally, position the living room in the northeast or east portion of your home. Arrange the seating so that it faces east or north, allowing family members and guests to bask in the positive energy entering from these directions. Use light and pastel shades in the living room décor to create a soothing and inviting ambiance. Avoid placing heavy furniture in the centre of the room, as this obstructs the free flow of energy.

Vastu for house east facing for dining room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Bodhi Design Studio

4. Dining Room Vastu for East Facing House

The dining room, where families come together for meals, holds a special place in Vastu considerations. For an east-facing house, place the dining area in either the southeast or northwest corner. Ensure that family members face east or north while dining, promoting a harmonious dining experience. Opt for warm colours in the dining room décor, and avoid placing mirrors near the dining table. A well-lit and clutter-free dining space contributes to positive energy during meals.

5. Study Room Vastu in East-Facing House

The study room or home office, where concentration and productivity are paramount, should be strategically placed in an east-facing house. The ideal locations for the study room are the northeast or east sections. Position the study table in a way that it faces east or north, promoting a conducive environment for focused work. Use calming colours like green or light blue in the study room décor to enhance concentration.


6. East Facing House Bathroom Placement

While bathrooms are functional spaces, their placement in Vastu planning is not to be overlooked. For an east-facing house, position bathrooms in the northwest or southeast corners. Ensure that bathroom doors open and close smoothly, as any hindrance may disrupt the flow of positive energy. Keep the bathroom design clean, well-ventilated, and free from clutter to maintain a healthy energy balance.


7. Staircase Vastu in East-Facing House

If your east-facing house incorporates a staircase, its placement is crucial for maintaining the positive flow of energy. Ideally, position the staircase in the south or southwest corner. Ensure that the staircase ascends from east to west or south to north, aligning with the natural energy flow. Avoid the use of spiral staircases, as they may disrupt the harmonious movement of energy.


8. East Facing House Vastu Plan with Pooja Room

The pooja or prayer room is a sacred space that demands careful consideration in Vastu planning. In an east-facing house, the pooja room is best located in the northeast corner. Install the deity's idol or image in such a way that it faces east, inviting auspicious energy into the sacred space. Keep the pooja room well-lit, serene, and clutter-free, creating an environment conducive to spiritual activities.

East facing house stairs vastu for pooja room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Azure Interiors

Vastu house plans east facing house for balcony - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Open Atelier

9. Balcony or Open Space Vastu in East Facing House

If your house boasts a balcony or open space, its location is vital in Vastu planning. In an east-facing house, it is advisable to have the balcony or open space in the east or north portion. This allows for the free flow of positive energy, creating a refreshing and revitalising outdoor space for relaxation.

What Colours are the Best for an East-Facing House Vastu Plan?

Choosing the right colours for your east-facing house is a nuanced decision that can significantly impact the overall Vastu compliance. Opt for light and soothing shades that align with the natural orientation of the house. Colours such as light green, sky blue, and various shades of yellow are ideal for creating a harmonious and positive living environment. These not only complement the eastern exposure but also contribute to a visually appealing and vibrant atmosphere. Conversely, it is advisable to avoid dark and intense tones, as they may absorb too much natural light and disrupt the delicate balance of energy within your home.


Dos and Don'ts for East-Facing House



•    Do position the main door in the northeast for positive energy flow.

•    Do ensure that the kitchen is in the southeast, with the person cooking facing east.

•    Do place the pooja room in the northeast for spiritual harmony.

•    Do use light and pastel shades in the living and dining areas.

•    Do keep the study room or home office in the northeast or east section.

•    Do maintain a clutter-free and well-lit environment in all rooms.

East facing house vastu plan for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shreya Krishnan Design Studio

East face home design for living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Open Atelier


  • Don't position the main door facing south or southwest.
  • Don't have a staircase in the centre of the house.
  • Don't place heavy furniture in the centre of the living room.
  • Don't use dark and intense colours for the house exterior or interiors.
  • Don't place mirrors directly opposite the main door.


Incorporating Vastu principles into the layout and design of your east-facing house is a profound step toward creating a harmonious and positive living environment. By understanding the nuanced requirements of each room and adhering to Vastu guidelines, you can craft a space that not only aligns with ancient wisdom but also promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Remember to choose colours wisely, follow dos and don'ts diligently, and consider remedies if needed. Whether you are constructing a new home or reimagining an existing one, embracing East-Facing House Vastu can be a transformative journey toward a balanced and prosperous life.



FAQs on East Facing House Vastu Plan


1. What are the remedies for an east-facing house?

Remedies for an east-facing house involve incorporating specific Vastu-friendly symbols or yantras in key areas. Additionally, strategically placing mirrors to redirect any negative energy and installing a Vastu pyramid in the centre of the house are recommended remedies.


2. Is an east-facing house good as per Vastu?

Yes, an east-facing house is considered auspicious in Vastu. The orientation allows the morning sunlight to enter, bringing positive energy and vitality into the home. It aligns with the principles of Vastu, fostering a harmonious living environment.


3. How do you build an east-facing house?

To build an east-facing house, ensure that the main door faces northeast, and rooms are arranged according to Vastu guidelines. Consulting with a Vastu expert or architect during the planning and construction phases is advisable to ensure alignment with Vastu principles.


4. What are the remedies for an east-facing house?

Remedies for an east-facing house include using Vastu-friendly symbols, strategically placing mirrors, and incorporating Vastu pyramids to enhance positive energy flow. Regular cleansing rituals and maintaining a positive atmosphere within the home also contribute to the effectiveness of remedies.


How can Beautiful Homes Help You with an East Facing House Vastu Plan?

We can help you incorporate vastu principles in your east-facing house. At Beautiful Homes with Asian Paints, we understand the importance of interior design that reflects your character and personality, and stays true to your pocket. We offer a range of services to help you create your dream space, from selecting the right colours to choosing the perfect furniture and décor pieces, our experts can guide you through the process. Visit our stores, available in all major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Amritsar, Ernakulum, Raipur, Ooty, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc., to experience our range of services and products firsthand. Let our expert consultants help you out to bring your vision to reality!

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