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Jun 07, 2024
Classy white living room design – Beautiful Homes

We ask experts from the design field to tell us how a few tweaks can help uplift our spirits at home

Celebrated on the second Saturday of June every year, Global Wellness Day is a not-for-profit day dedicated to living well. Wellness, that essentially entails our mental and physical wellbeing, depends on a number of lifestyle factors including our diet, exercise and stress levels. But did you know your ambient surroundings also play a silent part in improving or lowering your spirits? After all, good design has the power to transform not just spaces, but people who inhabit them. Keeping this in mind, we asked design experts to share tips on the best ways to help us enhance our wellness quotient by making small changes in our abodes.

Let There be Light

“Your home is meant to enhance your mood and make you calmer, happier or livelier, whatever be the mood you are looking to create in your space. Good design can enhance your overall wellbeing in many ways,” believes interior designer Shabnam Gupta, founder of The Orange Lane. According to her, lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing your space and subsequently your mood. “Dimly lit spaces can make the home look dreary, similarly, heavy curtains that block out the light are very depressing. So, open up those windows to let in the natural light. When that’s not possible, table lamps can do the trick. It is a known fact that lighting plays an important role in one’s mental health, and that is the most important aspect to focus on while designing a home,” she says.

Muted tone room design – Beautiful Homes

By keeping the walls a neutral tone, the colour pops can be brought in through other elements like the furniture and decor. Home designed by The Orange Lane. Image courtesy, Kuber Shah

Adds Kirti Dodeja, founding designer and interior architect of her eponymous design studio, “Lighting can make or break a space as the perception of other elements in the room are greatly dependent on the temperature and intensity of the light chosen. The understanding of light fixtures and CRI (colour rendering index) is a crucial aspect to consider. While in India, people generally like brightly lit white spaces, try layering your space with accent lights of daylight temperature (around 3000k) and comfortable intensity,” she suggests.

Simple exterior house design – Beautiful Homes

This home designed by ARA Designs is surrounded by nature and can instantly uplift one's mood and improve their wellbeing.

Positive Vibes Only

There’s nothing more inviting than a home that is your oasis of tranquility. “A home needs to be a place that is welcoming, warm and full of light. Lots of large windows and warm colours are some of the basic design elements we use to make a home more positive,” shares Amey Dhanukar, principal architect at ARA Designs. When it comes to homes with a smaller square footage, Dhanukar says, “Small spaces can be enhanced through light or neutral-coloured palettes that move through the entire space. The pop of colour can come through rugs, cushions and art that complete a space and make it inviting.”

Repurpose, Refresh, Reuse

Instead of discarding things that are old, giving them a makeover for a fresh new look can do wonders for your mental health. “As someone who has conducted numerous furniture painting workshops, I’ve seen firsthand how repurposing furniture and engaging in DIY projects can uplift one’s wellness quotient,” shares Aashna Monga, a furniture makeover artist. “I’ve seen the magic that happens when homeowners breathe new life into their old furniture. This process not only makes your home more personalised and meaningful but also supports sustainability, which contributes to a greater sense of purpose. This ‘creative mindfulness’ reduces stress,” she adds.


Monga suggests painting as one of the easiest and most effective ways to transform old furniture, in addition to being incredibly therapeutic. But she recommends choosing paints with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to minimise harmful emissions.

The Great Outdoors

Having a small garden, terrace or even a balcony attached to your home is definitely an advantage as it lets you stay connected to nature and the open sky, even in a bustling city. “Greenery around us is known to heal us in many ways and is a perfect way to connect us back to our roots and nature, allowing us to be creative and help not just ourselves, but our environment as well. People actually realised the importance of open space during the pandemic, and I have transformed many balconies and terraces to create a peaceful haven in homes,” shares designer Kushagra Tyagi, founder of Puru.

Bright and floral balcony design – Beautiful Homes

Adding seating and decorating your outdoor nook can help you spend more time there, helping improve your health in return. Balcony designed by Puru. Image courtesy, Ekansh Chaurasia

He recommends carving out a small space that is open-to-sky, and filling it with plants, comfortable outdoor furniture, and some calming decor to create a cosy nook. For those living in apartments that don’t have a balcony, Tyagi suggests bringing the outdoors inside through indoor plants. “By having plants into your home, you not only enhance the interiors but also promote a healthier living environment. Some of the most suitable indoor plants are begonias, varieties of palm, sansevieria, anthuriums, pothos, and philodendrons. These plants thrive well inside and contribute to one’s overall wellbeing,” he adds.

Minimal dining room design – Beautiful Homes

Letting natural light in has positive effect on one's health and makes for great aesthetics, as seen in this home designed by Kirti Dodeja. Image courtesy, Rohit Ganguly

Simple white window design – Beautiful Homes

Natural textures such as wood bring in warmth to this space designed by Kirti Dodeja, whilst also adding character to it. Image courtesy, Rohit Ganguly

A Sensorial Oasis

Your home is your safe space where you want to feel the most comfortable, and creating a relaxed environment involves catering to all five senses. Having a cluttered space not just looks visually unappealing, but also creates a stress-inducing atmosphere. Decluttering can help soothe your senses and add a calming aesthetic to your room. Dodeja advises homeowners to focus on aspects like wall colour and furnishings to bring out your space. “Identify a base colour and build on it by choosing furniture that complements it. Soft furnishings such as curtains, rugs and bedcovers add a lot of depth and character. Pick art that speaks to you instead of a random framed print. I recommend family pictures or picturesque landscapes you’ve clicked on a trip,” she says.


To further enhance your ambience, Dodeja suggests adding scented candles, natural textures, ample sunlight and greens along with good music to create a sensorial delight at home.

Kushagra Tyagi, Founder of Turu – Beautiful Homes
Kushagra Tyagi is a designer and the founder of Puru that specialises in landscaping and creating outdoor spaces in homes. Image courtesy, Ekansh Chaurasia
Kirti Dodeja, Interior Architect – Beautiful Homes
Kirti Dodeja is the founding designer and interior architect of her eponymous design studio.
Amey Dhanukar, Principal Architect at ARA Designs – Beautiful Homes
Amey Dhanukar is the principal architect at ARA Designs and has designed resorts as well as home.
Aashna Monga, furniture Makeover Artist – Beautiful Homes
Aashna Monga is a furniture makeover artist and the founder of Paintmomzy.
Shabnam Gupta, Founder of The Orange Lane – Beautiful Homes
Shabnam Gupta is an interior designer and the founder of The Orange Lane, Peacock Life and a holiday rental in Karjat. Image courtesy, Kuber Shah
Classy white living room design – Beautiful Homes
Adding indoor plants are a great way to purify the air inside as well as create an indoor-outdoor connect. Home designed by The Orange Lane. Image courtesy, Kuber Shah

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