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Guide to wall paneling: The 101 of wall paneling ideas

  • Wall Panelling
Oct 21, 2022
Wall paneling design ideas for home - Beautiful Homes

Wall paneling is one of the best methods to add visual interest, insulate and protect walls, or add style and texture to a room. Whether you go for traditional or modern interiors, wall panels can beautifully enhance your space, and here’s all you need to know about it!

Decorative wall panels are a smart method to quickly alter the look of home interiors, whether by boosting the feeling of old-world grandeur in a period property or adding charm and appeal to a new home. Furthermore, well thought out wall paneling design can be an affordable, adaptable, and eye-catching solution to practical needs such as hiding wires and ducts or providing insulation for better energy efficiency. Little wonder therefore that choosing wall panels for living room interiors with all their wiring needs, and using wood panelling for interior walls in bedrooms are among the most popular design trends!


So let’s look at a few of the newest methods and the best expert wall paneling ideas for your home.

Wall Paneling Ideas : Installation

  • Screwed Directly into the Wall:

    This method is ideal for lightweight decorative wall panels and works best on straight, smooth wall surfaces.

  • Attached to a Grid Frame:

    Here a metal grid frame is mounted on the wall, after which wood wall paneling or any heavier types of wall paneling can be mounted to the grid.



Wall Paneling Materials

1.    Wood Paneling:

With natural wood panelling for walls, interior design options are wide ranging. From planks of solid wood to thin veneers, or appealing shiplap and textured batten styles, wooden panels can be varnished to show natural grain or be painted to match interior décor.

Wood wall paneling  in the living room - Beautiful Homes
Wainscoting decorative wall panel design in the living room - Beautiful Homes

2.    Wainscoting:

This decorative style covers the lower portion of interior walls with wood paneling, for walls with a distinctly old world feel. Often used in entrance halls and living rooms, this style adds visual texture for a more upscale look.

3.    Laminate Paneling:

Constructed from sturdy particleboard with a vast range of finishes, compact laminate interior clads are ideal for fashionable, affordable and low-maintenance wall paneling design solutions.

Laminate wall paneling design in the hallway of bedroom - Beautiful Homes
MDF decorative wall paneling design idea for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

4.    MDF Paneling:

MDF (medium density fiberboard) panels are made from compressed wood fibers, wax, and resin. Available in a variety of finishes, they can create the appearance of natural wood paneling on a budget. MDF also is more stable than natural wood as it experiences less contraction and expansion.

5.    Fabric Panels:

Upholstered or fabric covered paneling is ideal for insulating a cozy bedroom or as a wall paneling design solution with sound-proofing. Fabric wall panels can range from opulent to understated, from luxe leather to textured jute finishes, just pick a fabric that enhances your overall design.


6.    Metal Wall Panels:

One of the truly versatile living room wall panelling ideas is embracing metal finishes. Commonly used for structural or exterior cladding, metal panels can be purely decorative if used intelligently. Consider beaten copper panels for a touch of warm glamor, or lean in to sleek modernism with glossy steel panels.


7.    Chipboard Paneling:

Chipboard or particle board is made by compressing small wood particles with epoxy resin under heat. Although less durable than MDF, this is a lighter weight, budget friendly solution to decorative wood panels for walls that do not suffer excessive wear and tear or water exposure.

8.    PVC Wall Paneling:

PolyVinyl Chloride or PVC is a widely used plastic that is lightweight, simple to install and relatively easy to clean. PVC wall panel design options range from faux wood or stone finishes to colorful and decorative styles.


9.    Glass Paneling:

Mirrored, frosted or clear glass panels are a clever solution as decorative wall panels for living room spaces where visual flow, structure and separation are a concern. Glass panels help create the illusion of space while also serving to brighten and enhance natural light.


PVC wall panel design ideas for the bedroom accent wall - Beautiful Homes

Wall Panel Design : Costs

Material of Panel

Starting Price (per sq. foot)*

Wood Wall Panels

₹ 250+

Veneer and Laminate Panels

₹ 350+

Fabric Wall Panels

₹ 350+

MDF Panels

₹ 150+

PVC Panels

₹ 50+

Glass Panels

₹ 400+

*Prices listed are indicative only


Wall Panel Design : Maintenance Tips

  • Understand your panels:

    Knowing the layers of material in your panels is the first step to how you maintain them. A durable base material of PVC, with a decorative top finish, such printed paper, patterned cloth, laminate, etc., are the staple of most PVC wall panel design solutions. This is usually true with MDF, particleboard, or even upholstered panels. If you are knowledgeable about the base finish and the top finish, you can appropriately clean your panel better. 

  • Dust regularly:

    Irrespective of your panel material, dusting will be the first step to good maintenance. A feather duster or a soft dry, lint free cloth are ideal. If your wood panel design has intricate cutouts of decorative embellishments, you might need to carefully use a vacuum cleaner to keep it dust free.

  • Avoid direct sunlight:

    The majority of decorative finishes, like patterned paper, laminate, and cloth, tend to fade. Keep these away from sources of direct sunlight for better longevity. While this is less of an issue with natural wood paneling, excessive sunlight might still bleach, fade or even warp portions. 

  • Wipe off stains and splatters immediately:

    Work from the bottom up to prevent streaks and lightly dab at spots with mild soap water. Make sure to dry panels thoroughly. Avoid abrasive solvent cleansers on your natural wood paneling; for walls that see more daily wear, reseal and varnish regularly. 

  • Keep panels dry:

    Whether made of more durable materials or high-maintenance fabrics, your wall panels need to be protected from severe damp to avoid damage. Remember that even with wood panelling for walls, interior layers of insulation, or small spaces between the mounting grid and the wall can retain water if improperly maintained.



Wall Paneling Design Ideas

Wall Paneling Ideas 1 : Cozy Warmth

For a balance of serenity and luxury in your master bedroom, PVC wall panels for bedroom walls in warm wood or soft gold finishes will add both light and glamor. You could choose luxuriant fabric panels for a cozy effect or embrace a structured modern PVC wall panel design for bedroom style that is unique and personal. 


Wall Paneling Ideas 2 : Utility Paneling

When exploring 3D wall panels, interesting geometric patterns and natural seeming faux brick or stone are a smart and simple way to add depth and character to a room. An interesting twist on the 3D panel is pegboard panels that allow you to customize hanging storage and shelving in a kitchen, study or even garage.


Wall Paneling Ideas 3 : True Tranquility

Acoustics are a core need of wall panel design for living room spaces that also serve as entertainment areas or television rooms. However you also want a space that looks attractive and welcoming, so keep the aesthetic needs in mind when choosing between fabric wall panels, foam fillers or even sound absorbing ceiling panels.


Wall Paneling Ideas 4 : Creative Color

Vibrant colors and strong botanical prints are a growing trend for a lush nature inspired bedroom space. Install a patterned wallpaper above a paneled headboard area for a PVC design for bed room color-coordination that effortlessly incorporates the tints and tones of outdoor with a cozy indoor space.



FAQs Of Wall Panel Design

  1. What is best for wall paneling for my home?

    As with any interior design choice, your ideal paneling will depend on the architecture and the needs of your particular space. Modern paneling might look right in a minimalist themed room, whereas rough shiplap might best suit wall panels for living room designs in a rustic style. Research paneling trends and looks to get a sense of what works best for your personal needs. 

  2. What are the different types of wall paneling?

    As discussed above, Wood wall paneling, Veneers and Laminates, Fabric, MDF, PVC and Glass are some of the most popular and common materials used for wall paneling.

  3. How much does wall paneling cost?

    Again, the price of your panels will depend on the material,  square footage, and your unique design needs. Prices range from wallet friendly PVC options beginning at ₹50 per sqft to the higher-end luxury of Glass, starting at around ₹400 per sqft. Remember that soundproofing, insulation, and custom fits, as for example a one-of-a-kind PVC design for bed room partitions, will add to the total cost.

Hopefully these interior wall paneling design ideas have sparked your interest and roused your creative spirit! And if you decide to refresh the look of your home with some beautiful paneling, reach out to us at Beautiful Homes and we’ll help you make inspiration become reality!


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