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How to add drama through colour-filled interiors

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Mar 15, 2022
A rapper, singer & songwriter Guru Randhawa - Beautiful Homes

Well-known singer-songwriter Guru Randhawa’s Delhi home brought drama to the Asian Paints Where the Heart Is series; filled with large artworks on colourful walls surrounded by bright furnishings and personal accessories, his house offers quirky lessons in getting a colourful home

The idea of home is a place of familiarity and comfort, the place that draws you back regardless of where you are. For global hit-maker Guru Randhawa, home is all that and more. “There is no other place that has the kind of energy and warmth that a house where you feel loved has. Home is everything to me.” For Randhawa, that also means a place of bright colour and unique décor touches. His sprawling house in a quiet Delhi neighbourhood made a bold and dramatic statement in the Asian Paints Where the Heart Is series this season. It stood out as an ode to generous daylight, quirky accessories that tell personal stories and a whole lot of colour. Randhawa’s favourite room, in fact, is a spectrum of varying shades, where being amidst colour and the things he loves inspires his music and song writing.


If you want to get some colour in your home, then  Randhawa’s space is a colourful source for ideas. From art to accessories and furnishings to stand-out accent walls, there is a lot of inspiration to be had if you’re looking for colour-filled innovation. But do keep in mind that if you add drama through a multitude of hues, there is ample natural light and a counterbalancing minimal aesthetic too—if only to show off all that colour!

Guru Randhawa welcomes us into his luxurious yet comfortable home, a true testament to his journey and success. The home is filled with warm spaces for relaxation and entertainment, as well as an eclectic mix of art and objects from around the world that adorn the walls. Every aspect of this house has been designed keeping in mind his artistic energy and vibrancy.

Go Bold with the Art

“I have filled my house with beautiful art pieces from around the world. I find art to be calming, beautiful and a great way to add colour and life to the walls,” says Randhawa. The two colour combination for living room is a testament to his taste in art bending towards bold, bright and fun. His taste in art tends towards bold, bright and fun. As a medium to add colour, a large-sized piece that features various shades will work well, especially against a neutral wall. Even if your own style runs in a more subdued direction, consider adding at least one such piece, as a way to get a pop of colour into a minimalist-leaning home. On the other hand, if you love colour, then go bold and go big.

Consider the Wall as a Canvas

There’s really no limit to what you can do with a wall when it comes to using it as part of the home décor. A colourful wallpaper in an interesting theme is an easy way to go about adding some colour (and pattern) into the space. Or better yet, paint it in a bold shade to make the most of your interiors. Another option, if you’re so inclined, is to create a colourful mural, though this takes skill, interest, time—and a whole lot of patience!


Layer on the Hues

Fair warning! This is for those who are unafraid to experiment. If you want your space to look quirky (perhaps even eccentric), then do what Randhawa did in one of the rooms—colour-blocking on a large scale. Hang a large-sized colourful painting on a brightly coloured accent wall and watch the space come alive. But if you do go down this route, make sure the room you try this in receives ample natural light and has some neutral elements too.


Add Colour Through the Furnishings

A rule of thumb for minimalist or modern homes that have a muted colour is adding small accents of colour through the soft furnishings—cushion covers, throws on the sofa, bolsters, what have you. 

Vibrantly coloured accent wall with solid-coloured chairs & patterns - Beautiful Homes

If you have the space and enough natural light, you can layer on the shades; a colourful artwork on a vibrantly coloured accent wall complemented by solid-coloured chairs and patterns works best in large spaces to create an effective aesthetic.

While that’s a great idea and a failsafe one at that, think outside the box and have some fun with colour. The best way to brighten up a living room design  would be to add in a bright and colourful rug under your seating arrangement or opt for a brightly patterned curtain. Perhaps upholster the chairs in different colours. But while you do this, be sure you don’t go overboard or do it in a space that is too compact and doesn’t receive enough light. If that’s your concern, then go really bright on a smaller scale.


…And the Furniture

While you can certainly use the upholstery to make your space bright, how about incorporating a colourful furniture piece or two? A floating shelf in a siren red, for example, will really stand out against a white or beige wall. Or a TV unit in a glossy, coloured laminate or veneer is another option. To enliven your bedroom design , you can introduce an interestingly coloured side table  The options are wide if that’s the route you choose to take. Even consider mixing it up. Place different-coloured chairs around the dining table, for instance, or use complementary but different shades for the sofa and armchairs. But mixing and matching can go very wrong very fast if the colours are too different and disrupt the general vibe of a room. So tread carefully and be sure of your choices.

Add a colourful rug to anchor the space of your living room - Beautiful Homes

For a bright space, add a colourful rug to anchor the space, and add on accessories too; the yellow floor lamp here balances its bold colour with a minimalist design, and works well with the colours in the room.

Balance Colour with a Minimal Structure

If you are keen to use a lot of colour around your house, then balance the brightness with furniture or accessories that are visually light. This is so that heavily ornamented objects or pieces that are also high on colour could overpower the space. In Randhawa’s living area, for instance, a sunshine-yellow floor lamp is all the more stylish because of its sleek structure.


Use the Same Shade in Different Ways

If you’re using a bold shade, you can use it in more ways than one. Pick the colour in an artwork for the upholstery, soft furnishings or any other element to get some palette continuity. Think cushion covers or armchair upholstery that bring out the colour on a souvenir, painting or object.

Complement Colour with Pattern

Bright colours don’t only mean solid hues. You can use them in conjunction with patterns and create more of a dramatic space. Use smaller prints because bolder ones paired with bright colours will make your space look over the top and too dark in a compact room.


Play with Quirky Accessories and Objects

“I want all the objects on my shelves and walls to talk about colour,” says Randhawa, and in his, it rightly does. There are as many attention-grabbing objects as there is eye-popping art. The model-sized colourful vehicles that speak to his fondness of cars, the busts and figurines of animals and other objects, for example, all add vibrancy to his space.


At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. If you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven we’re here for all your home interior design , home decor & renovation needs – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.


We’re currently available in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, with new locations coming soon! 

A rapper, singer & songwriter Guru Randhawa - Beautiful Homes

As rapper, singer, songwriter Guru Randhawa said in the Asian Paints Where the Heart Is episode featuring his Delhi house, home for him means comfort, positive energy and a whole lot of colour.

Bright artwork to echo that shade in the room through upholstery - Beautiful Homes

Choose to incorporate the same vibrant hue through different formats in a room; if you have a bright artwork, echo that shade in the room through upholstery, soft furnishings or other accessories.

Open shelving unit to showcase personal souvenirs - Beautiful Homes

An open shelving unit to showcase personal souvenirs is a great way to add some quirkiness and a personal touch to the space; it’s also a clever way to incorporate subtle pops of colour .

Statement accessory to add drama to your space - Beautiful Homes

Even a single statement accessory or objet d’art, especially if it is large-sized, can be enough to add drama to your space.

Bright or bold soft furnishings & neutral tones of wall for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Using bright or bold soft furnishings to complement the otherwise sober or neutral tones of a room.

Add personal objects that are colourful & let your personality shine through - Beautiful Homes

On the other hand, colour doesn’t necessarily need to be dramatic; go small and quirky especially if you have personal objects that are colourful and let your personality shine through.

A colourful backdrop or shelf to showcase objects works best with the accessories - Beautiful Homes

A colourful backdrop or shelf to showcase objects works best when the accessories that are displayed are of a neutral colour.

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