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The ultimate guide to decorating rental homes – Part 3

  • Ideas & Inspiration
Jun 14, 2024
Living room with art design ideas – Beautiful Homes

Wrapping up the series, Purva Agrawal shares insights on multifunctional spaces and budgeting for rental interiors

Welcome to the concluding instalment of our rental home makeover series with Mumbai-based interior designer Purva Agrawal. In Part 1 and Part 2, we were guided through the transformations of functional and fabulous living and dining spaces as well as cosy bedrooms that challenge the idea that leased spaces are inherently impersonal.


Throughout our journey, Purva has underscored a crucial point: rental home makeovers are not exclusive to certain property types or conditions like the length of a lease. Whether dealing with unused, builder-grade apartments or even spaces with rundown or mismatched interiors, there’s no need to overlook a rental property simply because it doesn’t align with your personal design aesthetic or lifestyle.


In our final chapter, we continue our design journey with Purva, exploring the potential for redesign in guestrooms, home offices, children's spaces, and styling tricky areas like entryways, kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, discover her tips on striking the perfect balance between saving and splurging for your own rental home projects.


A Dapper Den 

Purva says the shift towards remote work has made home offices increasingly essential, prompting more clients to invest in creating functional spaces for hybrid working. While many of us were forced to set up makeshift offices during the covid-19 lockdowns, with just a standard desk and chair bought online, Purva opted for full-on revamp with a dark blue base for a moody, sophisticated look for one such pandemic project.

While numerous temporary flooring options exist for rental homes, including peel-and-stick and floating flooring, Purva tends to avoid them, especially in rooms where large furniture pieces cover most of the visible floor. Despite her preference for using rugs rather than changing the flooring in a bedroom, she believes that the office is the ideal room for such modifications.


In this makeover, dark wood accents from the temporary flooring and furniture pair well with the deep blue paint. The desk, custom made from live wood serves as the room’s focal point. A regular plastic chair would do no justice to the dapper room so she picked a handsome leather-finish chair from a warehouse in Bhiwandi. 

Home office design ideas – Beautiful Homes

A builder-finished bedroom was transformed into a sophisticated home office with deep blue paint, temporary wood-finished flooring over the marble tiles and a desk made from live wood.

Purva also sourced a sepia-toned map, framed photographs of old Bombay, some rustic armchairs, and upholstery in complementary shades of beige and maroon. Additionally, industrial-style storage units in metal-and-wood were added to complete the look. For lighting home offices, Purva recommends swapping out regular ceiling lights with track lighting systems.

Recreation room design ideas – Beautiful Homes

Purva wanted to create a home away from home for a client from Kashmir with a custom wallpaper of a picturesque valley, macrame curtains and beige-and-yellow accessories. With barely any furniture, the double-layered rugs are perfect for lounging on the floor.

A Restful Recreation Room

Originally a bedroom with built-in wood wardrobes and cupboards, the room underwent a transformation to accommodate various functions for work and leisure. Purva’s first step was to move the diwan to the living room, creating a more open layout for lounging. Recognising the room’s role as a gathering spot, Purva ensured ample open floor space and added a small low-seating reading chair for comfort. To infuse warmth and personality, macrame curtains from Amazon were hung, complemented by layered rugs—a jute one for texture and a patterned one for visual interest. Embracing the client’s Kashmiri heritage, Purva adorned the space with a custom wallpaper featuring a mural of the picturesque valley, covering existing wooden panels. A rustic floor lamp and a powder pink armchair with brass legs were also added.

A Grand Entrance 

Attirail’s projects often showcase Purva’s knack for turning constraints into opportunities. For a small entryway, she decided to transform the L-shaped space into a cute, travel-themed nook. Using the concept of a gallery wall, she adorned the passage with postcards, pins, photos, and other travel memorabilia, all housed in frames of various shapes, sizes and styles. Additionally, a small bench and a mirror were incorporated along with basic shoe cabinet, which was also fitted with a wooden top, making the space both practical and visually appealing.

Entrance makeover ideas – Beautiful Homes

An otherwise dark and unused corner is transformed into a sweet little nook to celebrate the client’s love for travel. Old postcards, photographs and travel-themed posters are fitted into frames of different shapes, sizes and borders to create a gallery wall.

Kids playroom design ideas – Beautiful Homes

The highlight of this room is the hand-painted mural on the ceiling which features birds in flight which sets the colour scheme for the rest of the room. Here the existing Murphy bed and cupboards were painted white while pastel colours were used across the walls, rugs, furniture and even the toddler’s tent and tiny chair.

A Little Birds of Paradise Playroom

This elegant yet adorable bedroom for a little girl was initially used as a study, a guestroom, or a playroom, depending on who was using it. It was already fitted with a pull-down Murphy bed, which made the transformation much easier. Purva used the existing yellow curtains in the room to set the colour palette for the room design. Half of the wall was painted in a dusty pink with a scallop design, and an arch was created out of the entry. A hand-painted mural of birds in flight, a floral lounge chair in light blue, a cloud-shaped ceiling light and a multicoloured jute rug are just some of the whimsical touches. Even the toddler’s play tent and a small chair with a printed seat cushion were reupholstered in a polka dotted fabric to match the room’s pastel theme.


Purva says it’s these little details that truly elevate the interiors of rental homes. According to her, children's rooms should be designed with their needs and interests in mind, while also incorporating elements that encourage creativity and play. She suggests opting for durable and easy-to-clean furniture and furnishings that can withstand the wear and tear of active children. She also recommends incorporating storage solutions to help keep clutter at bay.

Bye, Bye Bathroom Blues

Renovating bathrooms and kitchens in rental homes can be a costly affair and can be avoided especially in cases where the rental agreement is for a short duration. Purva highlights the importance of maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic throughout the rental property, including the bathrooms and kitchen. By selecting complementary materials, colours, and finishes, it’s possible to create a cohesive look that enhances the overall appeal of the space while remaining within budget constraints.


Purva sticks to cosmetic upgrades and she recommends focusing on simple yet impactful changes that can easily be reversed when moving out, such as updating fixtures like mirrors, faucets, showerheads and cabinet hardware. In this beige and brown bathroom, she installed an all-black vanity, mirror, and art frames to add contrast. Gold lighting fixtures and hardware were paired with the black accents for a touch of sophistication.


In terms of kitchen design, Purva suggests prioritising functionality and organisation. She advises against custom cabinetry as these may not offer a good return on investment for rental properties. Instead, she recommends opting for budget-friendly storage solutions such as modular shelving or freestanding cabinets, trolleys and organising rails and shelves for extra storage space without the need for permanent alterations to the kitchen layout.

Quirky bathroom design ideas – Beautiful Homes

For this beige and brown bathroom, Purva breaks the monotony by introducing a striking all-black vanity, complemented by mirrors and art frames with black borders. Gold lighting fixtures add sophistication and glamour into the design.


Purva Says: Save to Splurge

As our series comes to a close, Purva summarises her top tips for a quick guide on keeping your rental home transformation within budget:

Living room makeover ideas – Beautiful Homes

An odd niche in the living room is converted into a quirky work desk with the addition of a simple floating shelf and a chair painted in white with a pink seat cushion. When it’s not used for work, it’s a cute corner for the client’s knick-knacks.

1. Repurpose Existing Collections for Wall Décor:

While adding artwork and accessories is an easy way to infuse personality and style into any room, it can quickly turn into an expensive affair. In this case, Purva’s ingenious solution for cost-effective wall décor is tapping into her clients’ unexpected collections of various knick-knacks. Whether it’s a collection of posters, souvenirs or even fabric swatches, all of it can be framed and transformed into unique wall art. “Even if you have very small posters, photographs or even postcards, don’t be afraid to think big,” she says. “Simply frame them in larger frames, using the negative space to create a gallery-like effect.”

2. Focus on Versatile Furniture:

When it comes to furnishing a rental home, Purva advises prioritising versatile pieces that can adapt to different spaces and styles. Invest in quality, multifunctional furniture that can easily transition from one home to another. Remember to focus spending on essential items like sofas and beds, while saving on shelving and storage units. Also look for pieces that offer storage solutions or can serve multiple purposes, such as a sofa-beds or dining tables with collapsible leaves.

3. Save on Temporary Fixtures:

Temporary fixtures, such as lights and window treatments are areas where you can save since these items are often specific to the dimensions and layout of a particular space. It’s best to opt for budget-friendly options that can be easily replaced or upgraded. Simple pendant lights, battery-operated bedside lamps and ready-made curtains from online stores can add style without breaking the bank.


4. Splurge on Statement Pieces:

While it’s essential to be mindful of budget constraints, Purva encourages renters to splurge on statement pieces that can elevate the overall look and feel of their home. “Investing in a few key pieces, such as a statement rug or a piece of artwork, can instantly add personality and visual interest to a space,” she says. “These are items that you can take with you when you move and continue to enjoy for years to come.”


5. Save on Decorative Accessories:

When it comes to decorative accessories, she suggests saving by opting for affordable yet stylish options. Accessories such as throw pillows, vases, and decorative objects are easy and inexpensive ways to add personality so look for inexpensive options and products on discount that reflect your personal style and can be easily updated or replaced as needed.

Living room with art design ideas – Beautiful Homes

Purva says you don't need big photographs or artworks to make a statement. Just play with negative space and get creative with framing. In this large living room, she’s added a dark green mount that matches the painting as well as a large white mount as negative space to increase its overall size.

6. Splurge on Quality Bedding:

A comfortable mattress and luxurious bedding can make a significant difference in the quality of your sleep, so it’s worth investing in bedding that feels good and stands the test of time.

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