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Waterproofing 101: Top monsoon-ready tips for you

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Jul 04, 2024
Traditional White Indian Home - Beautiful Homes

Find out how to reinforce your home interiors and exteriors, and prevent water damage as the monsoon season gets under way

The weather app has probably been the most-used app this summer, as temperatures hit unheard-of highs. And no season has been more awaited than the relieving monsoon. With that, though, comes the prep to make sure the ceiling doesn’t leak and your wooden fixtures and furnishings are safe against the inevitable moisture. There are multiple solutions to tackle waterproofing, from waterproofing tape to brickbat lime coba to silicon-based water repellents. If you're looking for a quick guide to help along the process, this is it—along with some professional-grade product recommendations to ensure you enjoy the monsoon season without worrying about leakages all over your carpet.


Wood is an unavoidable element in homes. Whether it is flooring, doors, furniture, or decor fixtures, you simply cannot escape it. And that means taking that extra bit of care to protect and preserve all that wood in your house. After all, that heirloom cabinet inherited from your grandparents is infused with sentimental value.


Simple Wooden Sit Out In Bungalow - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Golda Pereira

Beautiful 2 Floored Bungalow - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Golda Pereira

Here are some easy-to-do waterproofing tips for your wooden accessories, doors, and furniture, among other things.

●    Make sure your wooden furniture is not too close to windows or balcony doors, or walls. You don’t want droplets accidentally hitting your wooden surfaces.

●    Good ventilation is a must. A healthy amount of airflow is anathema to mold and mildew, thus preserving damage to wooden surfaces.

●    Waxing or polishing wooden elements will provide a waterproofing barrier. It makes wood impervious to the ill effects of water.

●    There are plenty of alternatives for some serious long-term wood waterproofing. This includes a sealant, a liquid that’s applied on surfaces as a protective layer.

●    You can choose between epoxy-, polyurethane- or acrylic-based options. Before you go down this route, speak to an expert because knowing the right one also depends on the current condition of the wood and the climate the wood will be exposed to.

●    Another great option is waterproofing or water-resistant tape. It is especially useful when glued near areas of ingress—window joints, doorways—from where water could seep in. 

●    Hide away silica gel packets or camphor balls inside drawers or cabinet and wardrobe corners. They go a long way in soaking up the moisture and are readily available on Amazon. Camphor balls will keep away termites too.

●    Most importantly, regularly clean your wood surfaces during the rains, either wiping them down with a soft cloth. Be vigilant about any spills too and take care of them as soon as you can.


WoodTech Aquadur by Asian Paints is a low-VOC and user-friendly way to save you wooden furniture from the elements. 


Hairline cracks, damp spots and patchy plaster on your walls and ceilings are an unwelcome sight. Here are some tips to waterproof those walls:

Abstract Wall Art On White Wall - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aakriti Saraf Designs

Modern White Ceiling Hanging Light - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aashni Kumar

●    An easy way to pre-empt this problem is using waterproof paints, which are available in a variety of colours and finishes. Asian Paints offers a wide range of waterproof paints in a host of shades. Apply it on your walls and you get a protective coating that’s proof against moisture.


●    Waterproof membranes are another alternative, particularly when the exterior waterproofing may not be adequate. They are most effective in basements, so if you live in houses as opposed to apartments, this is a good solution to prevent water seepage. Made of rubber or plastic, they are easy to install either with tape or hammered into place with nails.

●    There are also liquid waterproofing membranes typically used in bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms. Do remember to check and fill in cracks or gaps before applying it.

●    For walls, drainage boards can also be used on interior walls. These perforated boards generally have channels that shoot any accumulated water directly into the drainage system. They work well in tandem with wall membranes and are placed under them.

●    Another alternative is cementitious coating which is applied directly on your wall. This, too, works well with a more holistic and comprehensive waterproofing approach. The good news is that this is generally done at the time of construction.


●    Deal with those cracks as soon as possible. They’re an open invitation to seepage. Asian Paints has a couple of good options to help you along: the versatile SmartCare Repair Polymer is good for floors, concrete surfaces and bathrooms. SmartCare CrackSeal works for interior and exterior crack sealing.


If the problem is just affecting the layer of paint, it will be easier to handle. Once the area dries off, scrape off the paint, sand it and repaint over the spot. Do remember though, even if you are a DIY enthusiast, don’t only rely on waterproof paint when it comes to unpredictable rains. While they most certainly hold their own against seepage, it’s always a good idea to be extra cautious about your waterproofing and go the whole hog to save those walls. 

Green Floral Wallpaper In Bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes

Wooden Sofa In White And Colourful Triangles - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tusker Katha


Everyone loves a good wallpaper; it is the easiest way to transform your wall into a statement. The question is, how do you rescue it from the rains? This is what you can do—decorators’ varnish! This is quite a bit like varnishing your wooden furniture.


But first, to lock in the waterproofing, here are some pre-wallpapering precautions to take:

●    Be sure that the surface of the wall is completely clean and without cracks. Then apply the wallpaper and let it dry for the next day or two.

●    Only once it’s completely dry, make sure there are no cracks in the wallpaper; it could be a problem if the varnish seeps through the layers.

●    Choose the kind of varnish to use—matte, satin or high gloss. Consult a professional before you make a choice.


You can also always opt for waterproof wallpapers. They come in four varieties—PVC, vinyl, self-adhesive or 3D.


That unrelenting dripping, an unpleasant dark spot or that unfortunate bubble of paint are good indications that you need to get your ceiling waterproofed. Don’t neglect the warnings because you run the risk of structural damage and material decay. Essentially what goes for the walls also goes for ceilings when it comes to waterproofing. So options like membrane or cementitious waterproofing apply to ceilings, as do the following:

●    A polymer-based liquid waterproofing compound to the ceiling surface gives you a seamless and flexible barrier.

●    Waterproofing via injection is another option where waterproof material is injected into cracks or gaps in the ceiling. It's an efficient way to handle minor leaks.

●    Don't forget your bathroom ceilings too where waterproof tiles are the best option.

●    And if you have a balcony or an outdoor deck, then waterproofing those ceilings too needs to be a priority. In fact, in these cases, you also need to make sure the wiring for ceiling lights is waterproof.

Beautiful White Bedroom With Triangular Roof - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MuseLAB

Beige Sofa In Living Room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Kalpavriksh Architects


If you want to avoid mould and mildew, then think about those furnishings too.

●    Trade in your heavy drapes for lighter, easy-to-clean curtains.

●    Those camphor balls and silicone gel packets will also work wonders to keep your fabrics, linens and clothes dry during the monsoon so use them liberally.

●    Keep your leather-upholstered furniture away from the windows and doors and mop up any moisture spots quickly.

●    Use rubber mats near doorways so that they absorb water immediately before it can reach the floor. This should be a general best practice and not only for wooden flooring.



Pro Tips:

  • Whether it is walls or ceilings, to tackle dampness along with efflorescence, try out the SmartCare Hydroloc Xtreme while the SmartCare Damp Sheath Interior should work if you’re only dealing with dampness. For joint troubles, Asian Paints’ SmartCare AkrylMax is your go-to option.

  • If you’re looking for waterproof paint, opt for a glossy finish. The glossier it is, the better its moisture-resistance capability.

  • Introduce de-humidifiers for the season as an added layer of caution. This is especially useful in regions of high humidity.

  • Be very clear about the product that you need for your specific waterproofing needs. Don’t rely too heavily on DIY solutions via sealants. Sometimes you need an expert hand, especially when it comes to ensuring the longevity of your house health.

  • If you live in a bungalow or a standalone house, you must consider external waterproofing too. Look at leaks in roofs, waterproofing outdoor furniture, external pipes and walls. And don't forget the basement.

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