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A Pune apartment hits all the high notes when it comes to lavish living

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Nov 25, 2022
Amanora Park

A two-bedroom apartment in Pune’s Amanora Park brings home a touch of nostalgia wrapped in opulence

You would be hard-pressed to find homeowners in the city who are partial to a maximalist aesthetic. They are a rare breed in space-starved metros that encourage white, light, neutral homes. These particular homeowners, however, were exactly unlike others. “Most of our clients tend towards more minimalism. I’d say these clients fell in the more urban opulent bracket,” says Tanmaya Varshney. That the house didn’t look like anything else the Beautiful Homes Service designer has done is unsurprising. Varshney follows a strictly customer-centric approach to design, ensuring “all my interior design projects look extremely different from one another”. And this house in Pune’s upscale Amanora Park stood out with its hints of gold, warm palette, bold colours and luxurious touches.

Beautiful Homes (BH): How big was the apartment and what were the client expectations for it?

Tanmaya Varshney (TV): This two-bedroom on the 17th floor in Amanora Park is about 950 square feet. The clients were actually looking for a 3BHK, but they liked the society so much that they went with this apartment. When we first met, their initial plan was to buy the adjacent 1BHK as well but that didn’t pan out. At the time, they were considering this 2BHK as a shorter-term home, after which they would move into a larger space.


BH: How did the design evolve from these initial discussions?

TV: Since the homeowners were in a dilemma about how long they would be living here, our initial proposal was to go with modular design elements. 

Warm golden wallpaper for dining area

A minimally designed dining table complements the warm golden wallpaper and ambient lighting.

This would make moving easy and a portion of the décor could be reused. A big challenge for us was to work with the clients while they decided how long they planned to stay here. Once that was decided, they bought a 1BHK below this apartment to use as the home office.


BH: What were the clients’ expectations from the design?

TV: They didn’t want a very modern, white subtle space—and no pastels either. Both the husband and wife hail from Gwalior and still have family there, so they wanted an Indian touch to their home. This is one of the reasons we used veneers in the house, to add accents in a golden hue to complement the marble.

Son's room with wallpaper

The son's room was designed as a fun and quirky space with bright wallpapers.

BH: How did you incorporate the colour, opulence and ethnic touches into the 2BHK?

TV: We’ve stayed away from a minimalist aesthetic and neutral shades; even the furniture and soft furnishings are meant to create a sense of lavishness. Apart from that, we added customised PVC wallpapers heavy on motifs and patterns in the rooms. The one in the apartment’s entrance area was quite a challenge. The client [the wife] was initially set on having an image of one of the Gwalior forts there, to the extent that she even bought a high-resolution print of one such fort from the internet. However, it didn’t work because this was a perspective shot and looked slightly artificial. So we came up with abstract horse motifs that make for a very impactful entryway. She was a bit sceptical at first but was very happy with the result.

With this wallpaper working in tandem with the jali, veneers and cane shutters, the entrance has quite the regal vibe. 



BH: Was there anything you did in terms of space planning in the house?

TV: We broke down the wall of the kitchen and that really transformed the space. The original closed kitchen was quite dull because the light was coming in from the direction of the living room. We converted it into an open-plan layout, which brought a lot of brightness and openness to the space.


BH: Were you able to finish the project within the allocated budget?

TV: No it shot up. When we’d booked the project, the client had been looking at this 2BHK as a shorter-duration house, maybe about five years or so. At that time, the budget was Rs 11 lakh. But when they decided that this was going in a good direction, they were okay with the increase in the budget. After the upgrade to premium décor elements, veneers and polishes, the budget topped off at Rs 16 lakh.


BH: How has the client feedback been?

TV: I’m glad that they were happy with my handling of the project. The wife, in fact, mentioned that I didn’t say yes to everything they wanted but they liked everything I recommended.

Entryway of the house

The entryway of the house makes a striking statement with equestrian motifs for the wallpapers, the jali accent on the door and the console with cane shutters.

Open-plan living area

Interior designer Tanmaya Varshney created an open-plan living area and used lavish furniture pieces and warm colours to create a lavish space with ethnic touches and hints of gold.

Dramatic jali-work

Varshney broke down the wall of the closes kitchen to create a seamless space and ensured it received enough natural light; the dramatic jali-work in yellow serves as a soft separator.

PVC wallpaper

Customised PVC wallpaper in bright colours complements the portion of wall with a fluted panel in the master bedroom.

luxury bath design

The bathroom design evokes a sense of luxury with the darker material palette.

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