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Anirudh Ravichander’s calm and serene home in Chennai

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Jul 13, 2018
Musician Anirudh Ravichander’s home

Musician Anirudh Ravichander’s family home is a harmonious rendition of traditional and contemporary elements


We love a house that pulls you in from the moment you step foot inside it and Chennai based musician Anirudh Ravichander’s family home will reel you in. We can’t help but admire the intricate carving on the front door itself, a typical design element common to the city. It is this deep connect with his roots that keeps the man behind the pan-India earworm, “Why this Kolaveri Di?” humble and grounded. “We all had humble beginnings…I’m still my parents’ son, I still live at home with them. So, this keeps me grounded,” he says.

Take a quick tour of musician Anirudh Ravichander's home in Chennai

There’s a certain atmosphere of calm that is palpable in the vast Indian living room. Maybe it’s the soft sunlight streaming in from the large windows or the combination of the white and pale green furniture that exudes a warm vibe. In a corner we spy a collection of photographs, which Anirudh refers to as the “Memory Wall”. A great idea to adopt in your home too, if not in the living room, then perhaps in the entryway. It’s a quick way to give visitors a quick peek into your life and share your favourite moments with them.


Look behind the oonjal (traditional swing) and you’ll see the dining room. In fact, when his friends are over, it is here that Anirudh perches and “keeps an eye over what they are doing”. Since it connects the living and dining room, the oonjal offers a great vantage point.


The home is a combination of two flats, the second one, which was acquired later, was instantly taken over by Anirudh and his sister, a point made amply clear with a sign on the threshold which says “HRH’s Office. By appointment only”. The largest room was promptly converted into a home theatre, which much to Anirudh’s embarrassment also houses a painting of him astride a horse, complete with sword in hand, giving off strong Alexander the Great vibes. “It was gifted to me by a renowned actor. I would place it elsewhere, but it’s one of those things you do for your parents,” he sighs. And true to form, much like the “Memory Wall”, there are a host of family photographs that line the low console under the screen.


Anirudh’s bedroom is part of this second house. A simple, muted space with barely any furniture. That there’s no bed here is because Anirudh likes sleeping on the floor. His love for caps is pretty evident, with his collection displayed on a stand placed centrally in his bedroom.


Even though he travels a lot, the home remains Anirudh’s go-to space. It is here that he is at peace – in his mind and his heart.


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Anirudh Living Room in Chennai
Anirudh’s home is dotted with pale green and white furniture that exudes a warm, welcoming vibe. While the walls are relatively neutral, several artworks that dot them bring colour into the home.
Anirudh Memory Wall at Home
Dubbed the “Memory Wall” this corner features photos of the family, mostly in the before-after style. This also happens to be Anirudh’s favourite part of the house.
Bench Swing at Anirudh House Chennai
This bench swing or “oonjal” is a common feature in most Chennai homes. In this case, it also acts as a kind of room separator between the dining area and the living room. It is also from this “throne” that Anirudh keeps an eye out on his friends when they come over.
Musician Anirudh Home in Chennai
This quiet corner in Anirudh’s home looks out to the lush scene outside, perfect for a washed-out day and a cup of tea. We’ve got our hearts set on the old-school wooden folding chairs.
Celebrity Home Tour at Anirudh
Anirudh’s study is part of the second flat that was merged with the first. He and his sister promptly took over the space and personalised it to suit their needs.
Anirudh Bedroom in Chennai
Anirudh’s bedroom is simple and uncluttered. There’s no bed because he loves sleeping on the floor. He is fascinated by caps and hats and has a stand on which he displays them proudly.
Musician Anirudh Ravichander’s home
For Anirudh, his home is where his heart and mind are at peace. Once he returns after a day of stringing notes into melodies, he shuts off his professional side. Absolutely no shop talk happens once he is in his happy place.

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