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This Pune home’s décor is centred around the owners’ favourite art pieces

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May 26, 2023
Inlaid flooring in geometric pattern – Beautiful Homes

Designer Poonam Mehta gives us a glimpse of this contemporary apartment for a family of four, and explains how to create a visually arresting space with a muted colour palette

A couple with two daughters reached out to Akash and Poonam Mehta, founders of AMPM Designs, to conceptualise the interiors of their 3,225-square-foot apartment in Pune. The clients had a specific art collection for their home, and as a result, the entire design of the home was centred around these art pieces. To highlight and complement the hues in the artworks, the interior designers chose a white colour scheme as a base. AMPM Designs paid careful attention to this colour palette and balanced it with colourful accents throughout the rest of the house, much like a blank canvas waiting to be painted. The result is a stunning display of art and design, where every aspect of the house works harmoniously to create a cohesive and visually striking aesthetic.


Known as the ‘House of Art,’ this elegant Pune apartment houses a living room connected to a study/family lounge, a mandir, a dining room, a kitchen, a store room, a primary bedroom, bedrooms for the daughters with a connected lounge, and a guest bedroom. Each room showcases a contemporary design style with a muted colour scheme. Vibrant furnishings and dramatic artworks add drama and intrigue to the home.


Here, Poonam Mehta takes us on a tour of the Pune apartment and shares tips on conceptualising striking contemporary homes with a muted colour palette. 

Beautiful Homes (BH): What were the discussions with the client like for the design of the space?

Poonam Mehta (PM): ​​We sat with the clients and asked them about their daily routine, work schedule, and evening habits to design a space that works for them and turn their wishes into a reality while considering practical details such as outlet placement and traffic flow. The goal was to create a home that reflects the client's personality and that they will love for years to come. 

Metal partition in living room – Beautiful Homes

A metal mesh curtain divides the study area and the living room.

Contemporary living room with muted colour scheme – Beautiful Homes

The living room showcases contemporary design style with a muted colour scheme. While the colour palette is subdued, it’s not plain and boring.

BH: Tell us about the people who live there, and how the home meets their needs.

PM: ​​This home was designed to meet the specific needs of this family—Sanjog Shah, his wife Sonika Shah, their two daughters Urja Shah and Arya Shah, and their beloved dog Gigi. We designed a study area that could be transformed into a living, dining or meeting space. The daughters' rooms were connected to provide a shared space, and a projector screen was installed in the living area for the family's love of football. 

BH: Have you stuck to one design style throughout or have you experimented with design, decor ideas?

PM: We have not adhered strictly to one specific design style throughout. For instance, in the kitchen, we have taken a bold approach by incorporating a dark green colour scheme that makes a statement and adds a touch of personality to the space. Meanwhile, in the primary bedroom, we have opted for a more muted colour palette, utilising shades of brown and other earthy tones to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This is evident in the use of dark leather shutters and wooden flooring, which add a natural and rustic feel to the space.

Master bedroom in a subtle colour palette – Beautiful Homes

The primary bedroom exhibits a muted colour palette, utilising shades of brown and other earthy tones to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Dresser design in daughter’s room – Beautiful Homes

The dressing table in the daughter’s bedroom is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional at the same time.

BH: How can we make homes with subdued colour schemes stand out?

PM: ​​​​We have added artwork and paintings with bold and bright hues that contrast with the neutral colour scheme. We have also used metal curtains that add texture and shine, thus creating a statement piece in the room. Patterns incorporated in the doors add visual interest and craft a sense of depth in the space. Additionally, we played with lighting, to create a unique ambiance. Check out the best interior design services in Pune for your home!

Inlaid flooring in geometric pattern – Beautiful Homes

The artfully crafted inlaid flooring blends seamlessly with a sophisticated design aesthetic, creating an exquisite living space.

White flooring in the living room – Beautiful Homes

The living and dining area feature a stunning black inlay flooring, all set within an alluring white interior.

Green kitchen design – Beautiful Homes

The kitchen features a dark green colour scheme that makes a statement and adds a touch of personality to the home.

Wooden four-poster bed in guest room – Beautiful Homes

The guest bedroom comprises a four-poster bed made of wood and fabric, embroidered linens and arresting accents.

Warm daughter’s bedroom design – Beautiful Homes

Here’s a glimpse of one of the daughter’s bedrooms, which is a warm and inviting space.

Storeroom door design – Beautiful Homes

The door to the storeroom adds a pop of colour.

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