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Elevate your bedroom décor with these 9 beautiful floor lamps

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Jul 27, 2021
Bird floor lamp adds luxe playfulness to the bedroom decoration - Beautiful Homes

Lighting is one of those elements that can completely tie any room together. It also has to be well planned – too many or too bright and you won’t have a calming atmosphere; on the other hand, under-doing the lighting can lead to a dull, lacklustre bedroom. Use well-placed ceiling and wall lights for ambient lighting which illuminates the entire room. Items like table lights and pendant lights are great for task lighting where you want to focus the light to a specific area or task like a reading nook. Finally, accent lights are meant to highlight details like unique architectural features.


Floor lamps are versatile in function – they can be used for ambient as well as task lighting. However, don’t underestimate the visual appeal of floor lamps, especially when it comes to bedroom décor. Read on for our picks of intriguing floor lamps to suit different bedroom décor styles.

Strong symmetry
If you like the idea of symmetry in décor, bedroom lighting flanking the bed is a great way to achieve that visual balance. By placing lighting on either side of the bed, you draw attention to the headboard, creating a focal point in the room. In this space, notice how the floor lamps create visual balance yet a subtle contrast. They are the only two solid elements surrounded by slatted pieces – it creates strong symmetry and an interesting contradiction that is extremely pleasing to look at.

Symmetrical floor lamps near bed create visual balance to the bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42mm

Metal frame floor lamp adds ethereal contrast to the bedroom décor  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

Ethereal curves
This chic bedroom is all about strong lines from the furniture and panel headboard to the wallpaper and even the false ceiling. It’s minimal yet luxurious at the same time. Creating a stark contrast is the seating area in the corner. Soft tan-coloured leather beckons while a curlicue metal frame floor lamp adds an almost ethereal contrast to the solid geometry of the bedroom décor. 

Maximal dream
This bedroom décor is a maximal dream come true – luxurious and richly layered. A plush velvet headboard stands out against the leather-panelled wall, the deep blue beautifully contrasting with the warm tan. A luxe, printed wallpaper forms the backdrop for dark furniture accented by gold highlights. For bedroom lighting to stand out in the midst of this, it needs to be pretty spectacular in itself. This gorgeous gold and cream piece is elegant, rich and subtly restrained.

Elegant gold & cream floor lamp makes the bedroom décor feel luxurious - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

Classic tripod frame & tapered drum lamp shade for timeless bedroom lighting - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Latkn/ shutterstock

Timeless delight
With its classic tripod frame and tapered drum lamp shade, this piece has a timeless appeal that will work in almost any décor style. If you are looking for bedroom lighting that can command attention while seamlessly blending into any décor, this is the floor lamp for you. Bring in colour with the fabric shade while the natural wood frame adds a layer of warmth to the room. 

Modern marvel
If you are a fan of modern sophistication, take inspiration from this bedroom that is light and airy yet packed with character in its simplicity. Illuminating an elegant seating area is a sleek, black floor lamp that mirrors the clean lines of the décor. The sharp geometry of the frame paired with a streamlined shade works well with modern bedroom décor.

Black floor lamp adding a chic look to this modern bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Plüsch

Floor lamp that gives an industrial mood to the bedroom decor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dariusz Jarzabek/ shutterstock

Tamed industrial
This bedroom borrows inspiration from industrial décor, using a few elements in a subtle manner. If industrial décor is too stark for you, take a cue from this bedroom and incorporate a few edgy features with a lighter palette.  For bedroom lighting that fits into this space, look at silver-coloured metals like stainless steel, chrome-plated pieces or aluminium, like this floor lamp. The versatile design and material would also work well with a vibrant colour palette and be perfect for a children’s bedroom.

Playfully luxe
Gracefully perched on a sleek, dull gold frame, this bird floor lamp gently sways while softly illuminating a cosy corner like this reading nook. The delicate lines of the metal lamp play in wonderful contrast to the plush, tufted seating. It makes for the perfect accent piece to elevate a neutral bedroom. It adds just the right amount of luxe playfulness to the restrained décor as well as muted colour and material palette.

Bird floor lamp adds luxe playfulness to the bedroom decoration - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42mm

Contemporary bedroom design with an oversized floor lamp that goes with the bedroom decor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, shutterstock

Contemporary charm
Filled with youthful charm, this contemporary bedroom is elevated with an oversized floor lamp that becomes the focal point. The bedroom is decorated in a muted colour scheme of soft greys and warm beige and layers a few natural materials for visual interest. The floor lamp, which follows the colour scheme to a tee, draws focus for its size and contemporary design. The studio-style design with its purposefully exposed wiring makes quite the statement.

Artistic appeal
If you want to play around a little with the design, there a many sculptural floor lamps to choose from, especially those with interesting glass shapes and hues. Here, the unique floor lamp blends well with the colour scheme of the bedroom but stands out for its visually pleasing design. Since the rest of the décor is contemporary, an unusual lamp is the perfect way to add a little artistic appeal to the bedroom design.

Unique floor lamp blends with the colour scheme of the bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sources Unlimited

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