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5 things that fit in your small kitchen

  • Space Saving Design
Dec 30, 2021
Small modular kitchen design with green kitchen cabinets - Beautiful Homes

With clever design solutions, you can incorporate a lot even in a small space. Here is a list of 5 things that surprisingly fit into small kitchens

Kitchens are often at the centre of most activities in a home, especially if you love hosting. This is especially true in modern homes where the living space and the kitchen are generally a part of one open layout. In urban areas particularly, small kitchens have become ubiquitous. While this may require you to downsize on certain fronts, you need not compromise on your ideal kitchen. There are many ways to get creative with kitchen designs for small kitchens.


Modular designs and hacks are the way to go to incorporate everything you want in your small modular kitchen design. With functionality at the forefront, you will be able to optimise the space in your small kitchen. From the layout of your choice to artwork, here are five things that you can fit into your small modern kitchen designs. Read on to find out how.


1. Layouts for Small Kitchen Designs

There are five basic kitchen layouts- the one wall, the galley, the L-shaped modular kitchen design, the U-shaped and the G-shaped. Single wall layouts are highly recommended in small kitchens as it opens up the floor space and makes movement easier. But it might be challenging to incorporate the kitchen triangle in this layout. The solution to the problem is changing the layout adding a kitchen island suitable for the space.


When we hear kitchen islands, our minds immediately conjure up an image of a large kitchen. But from a design perspective, kitchen islands can be incorporated into small kitchen designs. The key is to get the proportions right. In small kitchens, opt for freestanding islands. You can (re)move them quickly if need be. Kitchen islands on wheels are also quite suitable for compact spaces. When not in use, you can easily tuck it away.


You can use such mobile kitchen island options to create an L-shaped, U-shaped and G-shaped layout. Use the island counter as the extended arm in any of these layouts. Islands can prove to be multifunctional. Apart from the extra counter space, use them to install permanent fixtures like sink, microwave, etc. Islands also provide additional storage and a dining area.

2. Eat-in Areas in Small Kitchen Designs

Eat-in areas make sense in terms of functionality. There are many ingenious ways to incorporate them in a small kitchen.


A kitchen island can double up as a dining space as well. Just bring in some visually light seating like bar stools. A coffee table with a few chairs in a square kitchen or a kitchen with an L-shaped layout is a great option. This addition will remain unobtrusive with chairs or stools that you can easily tuck away under the table. Drop leaf tables are an excellent choice in cases where you love to host regularly. It gives a sense of customisation; use it as you require.


There are a few options for narrow kitchens with one-wall, galley or corridor layouts. If there isn't enough room for a standalone table, you can choose one of two options. A flip-down tabletop can double up as additional counter space and an eat-in area. A built-in slide-out table is the other option. You can incorporate them into most designs. The seating can be tucked away or utilised elsewhere when you're not using the dining space.

Modular kitchen design with a neutral kitchen colour palette - Beautiful Homes

Optimise the space in small kitchen designs by installing banquette seating in an otherwise unused nook in and around the kitchen. Parallel booth seating by the window is another charming option. Convert the seating benches into additional storage space.

Modular kitchen with extra kitchen counter space that doubles as breakfast counter - Beautiful Homes

3. Extra Counter Space in Kitchen Designs for Small Spaces

You are almost always left wanting more counter space in small kitchens. In such cases, you can either add extra counter space or create more room in the existing space. Kitchen islands, built-in pull-out countertops, flip-down tables are all great options to add surfaces in the kitchen. Wall mounted, foldable tables can double duty as additional counter space and eating area.


Now, if you don't have enough wall space for these options, fret not. There are other ways to add counter space in the kitchen. A shelf riser or two can help you keep all the essentials organised and within easy reach. These will clear up quite a bit of surface for working. Cover your stove tops to add more workspace. Sinks, too, can be covered with chopping boards. You can also customise it to have a built-in or expandable colander.


But here's the thing. Sometimes, adding surfaces isn't necessary. Most of us tend to use up all the counter space available. This leaves the room cluttered. If you do not have enough storage to put things away, use these organisation tips to create counter space in your small modern kitchen. Use shelf risers, cake stands and dish racks over the sink to free up the surface while having the essentials within reach.

The backsplash is often underutilised. Make use of that vertical space by installing pegboards, kitchen rails, wall-mounted kitchen baskets. Magnetic storage tools are another clever solution to keep things off the counters. Don't forget to use the window sill to store some kitchen basics within sight.

4. Add Colour to Your Small Kitchen Interior

The general advice is to have a white or neutral based colour scheme to make small spaces look bigger. But for some, this may make for a dull, lifeless kitchen. There are many ways to add pops of colour to your small kitchen without affecting its spacious appearance.


Choose hardware that is coloured or do it yourself with spray paint. A colourful backsplash or a rug can easily liven up the room. Display all your coloured kitchenware for a splash of colour. The kitchen island and the chairs for eat-in areas are another way to bring in some colour in the kitchen. Plants, flowers, and fresh produce in baskets will add colour to an all-white kitchen without disrupting the visual continuity.


5. Small Kitchen Decoration Tip- Artwork

Artworks can be used to decorate any space in your home, and kitchens are no exceptions. Of course, hanging it up on the walls is the most obvious choice. But there might not be enough room to hang art up in small kitchens. Chuck the frames and display the art or photographs on your fridge door!

Kitchen design with patterned multi-coloured kitchen counter - Beautiful Homes

Practically speaking, ceiling-high cabinets might not be the most efficient use of space for many people. You can use the top of the cabinets to display large paintings or sculptural pieces. Or you can place it alongside your plates, pots, pans and other kitchenware on open shelves. On the backsplash or another wall, murals can make an impactful statement without taking up precious surface space.


If you are a kitchenware aficionado, chances are you have been building a collection. It may be mugs, chinaware, pots or something else. These collectables are nothing short of works of art. Have a dedicated space in your small kitchen interior to showcase them.

Sleek small modular kitchen design with cabinets & storage units - Beautiful Homes

Modular Kitchen Designs for Small Spaces

Small modern kitchens are incomplete without modular designs. With modular kitchen designs for small kitchens, you can incorporate any kitchen feature and appliance in your small kitchen fuss-free. Some small modular kitchen designs include convertible furniture, an electric stove, open plate racks (wall-mounted or under your island), pull-out pantries, pull-down cabinet storage, etc.


Every appliance you want can be added to your small modular kitchen. Most modular designs are customisable, and you can install appliances as built-ins. The only difference is that with compact spaces, you'll have to look for ones proportional to the kitchen's size. All appliances are now made in varying sizes, so choose ones that fit perfectly in the space available to you. Find out if the kitchen built-in appliances are good for your kitchen. 

Beautiful Homes provides a massive range of Interior Design ideas and products to help you create a personalised small modular kitchen design. You may select all the kitchen essentials you need from our shop.


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