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An inspiring corner to pause, breathe and relax

  • Design for Small Room
Jul 04, 2022
Remo D’Souza’s bedroom corner

Choreographer and director Remo D’Souza’s sprawling Mumbai home has a quiet corner secreted away—it turned out to be a setup for some interesting inspiration

Corners in our homes that are usually afterthoughts, in which to shove an extra cupboard or cabinet, can became corners with decorating potential, a place to pause, take a breath. That’s just what happened when the Beautiful Homes Service design team saw the cosy colourful setup that choreographer/director Remo D’Souza had in the bedroom of his Mumbai home. That episode of Asian Paints Where the Heart Is ignited some interesting inspiration and the design team decided to run with it.


The Inspiration

The thought for the design sprung from the idea of creating a cosy corner in your bedroom or home, where you can unwind. Instead of looking at that corner only from a utilitarian perspective, the design team approached it as a space of value and undiscovered potential. In the D’Souza home, the little setup in the bedroom design was the starting point, with a large pink couch taking centre stage against an explosion of colourful patterns on the wall. Amid the pure colour burst, the designers locked on the subtle hints of blue were a notable feature. It became a shade that was used more generously in their recreation. And from that came the thought of having an interplay of blue and pink, adding a lampshade and a side table to complete the mise-en-scène.

We went through a two-year period where the house, every corner of it, was revealed to us in a new light. Corners that would previously be used to shove an extra cupboard or cabinet became corners with decorating potential. That’s just what happened when the Beautiful Homes Service design team saw the cosy colourful setup that choreographer/director Remo D’Souza had in the bedroom of his Mumbai home. That episode of Asian Paints Where the Heart Is ignited some interesting inspiration and the design team decided to run with it.

The Visualisation

Once the inspirations were in place and the decision to take an indirect approach to crystallise it was firmed up, out came the trusty 3D software design. The design team, given the intent and mood that they wanted to set in this little corner of the bedroom, chose to pick out the pinks and blues from the original inspiration and create a soothing space that played up the comfort and intimacy. This activity, of mood-boarding and visualising, becomes even more significant when the original inspiration transforms and changes as your ideas evolve.


The Render

The renders that popped up in the 3D visualiser had multiple options for the pink couch as well as the patterns that were in keeping with the original inspiration. The design team went with a more muted option to get the right vibe and leaned more towards the blues than the oranges from the original wallpaper. The side table and lampshade were in keeping with the D’Souza’s space and the plant pots too mimicked the cylindrical shape of the original lamp, building a subtle but cohesive design element. The flooring chosen was wooden and, going beyond the brief, floating shelves were to bring some organisation and storage potential to the space to complete the look.The Final Outcome


Armed with the 3D plan, the design team zeroed in on a wall opposite the bed in which to carry out their unwinding space. The wallpaper with the hints of blue warmed up the space and balanced out the pink couch. The lampshade and potted plants were recreated from the source while subtle, almost inconspicuous frames were added to complement the easy vibe. The floating shelves served as décor-enhancing storage and blue accents made their way into the mugs and vase as well. And it was tied together with the rug.


For the design team, this inspiration played a more suggestive role; they took the idea for an unwinding space, chose to go with a more laidback mood and picked out the colours, patterns and furniture pieces that would complement the look they wanted to achieve. While orange and pink were the shades at the start, the inspiration slowly evolved as ideas coalesced and morphed into this outcome—pretty, muted and a subtle symphony of pink and blue.


Our Shopping List 

Wallpaper: ‘April Showers W056D321S75’ from the Nilaya wallpaper (Signature catalogue) collection
Paint: ‘Cream Pie’ from the Royal Matte range


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